Malia Obama can’t seem to get a break. And the only thing she’s doing is living her teenage life (at Harvard). The 19-year had the nation talking after a video of her blowing smoke rings went viral.

Conservatives lost their minds Friday (Nov. 24) after right-wing site The Daily Caller posted a video of Malia attempting to blow smoke rings while in a bathroom. Since I’m on the “Leave Malia alone” team, I’m not going to include the video, but click here to view it for yourself.

For the record, it’s also unknown exactly what Malia was smoking.

The video was seemingly recorded on Snapchat and captioned: “F**king get your camera right now.” Barstool Sports first posted it on Instagram but later deleted it. Daily Caller then picked it up and the vid went viral on Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Trump supporters/Barack Obama haters used the video as just another chance to criticize Malia and the former president. However, most of Twitter – especially Black Twitter – was not here for the games and Malia Obama quickly became a trending topic.

Some mocked the haters, while many suggested we leave Malia alone since she’s now a private citizen and just doing what college students do. Others also advised the 19-year-old to get new friends, assuming a friend is the one who released the vid into cyberspace.

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton and current first daughter Ivanka Trump even defended Malia on Twitter.

Malia also made headlines earlier this week when she was caught kissing a boy and smoking a cigarette while tailgating before a football game between Harvard and Yale. Internet detectives identified the boy as Rory Farquharson, a Brit who attended the prestigious Rugby School and is rumored to be Malia’s Harvard boyfriend.

Malia is 19 and just started her first year at Harvard earlier this year. She’s living her carefree life and doing the things that most kids her age do. After spending eight years in the public spotlight, can we please just let her be?

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