Among the many reasons we watch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, the biggest would have to be the fights, because we all love a good fight, right?

In recent seasons, production has warned cast members that throwing hands will result in reduced checks and camera time, so instead of fighting with their hands, nemeses must use their words. And if that doesn’t work, they’re allowed to, at the most, throw drinks and grab wigs. And Masika chose to do the latter when she finally came face-to-face with Hazel E on Monday night’s (Oct. 9) episode.

When Donatella asked Masika to be a part of a music showcase, she had no idea “Nazel E” was going to be a part of it. So when “Nazel” strolled into the room, Masika tried to get her attention by yelling a plethora of hilarious nicknames: “Young man! Nosey-Nose! Nostrildamus!” And when Hazel refused to come to her, Masika barreled through a number of bodyguards and grabbed her by her wig, nearly ripping the thing off and pulling her over a whole balcony.

Immediately after the tussle, Donatella couldn’t believe her eyes as Hazel’s wig was LITERALLY hanging on by a thread, and her reaction made the hilarious exchange even funnier: “Her wig is coming off! Her wig is coming off! Maybe she’s got to stitch it?”

And apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought Donatella’s “Her wig is coming off!” declaration (in her posh, British accent, no less) was not only hilarious, but also hella shady, because Twitter couldn’t get enough of it.

Check out the best and funniest tweets below:

Even before the episode aired, Twitter was ready for the wig-snatching:

In the words of Brooke Valentine, “Welcome. To. Hollywood.”

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