For a while, it didn’t seem like Ghost—err, I mean, JAMES ST. PATRICK—would EVER get out of prison, but thanks to a testimony from his former sidepiece AUSA Angela Valdez, the judge decided to drop the charges against Mr. St. Patrick and release him from custody. (BTW, we still hate you Angela.)

But that’s not the only major thing that happens in Power Season 4 Episode 5, titled “Don’t Thank Me,” which is probably the most pivotal episode in this season. So let’s go on ahead and get right into it.

Angela is running, running, running for her life. Fans of “Power” are out for her blood for locking Ghost up for no good reason, all because she THOUGHT he killed Greg. Nah, just kidding. She’s just getting an early morning jog in for exercise and to blow off some steam after finding out Ghost didn’t hide that gun. Remember when she used to run with Ghost? Well, now she’s running with her sister. Or at least she WAS running with her sister. “I said I’d TRY to keep up,” Paz, Angela’s sister, tells her when she sees her sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette.

Paz can sense her sister’s urgency, and asks her what’s going on. “I think Jamie’s innocent,” Angela tells Paz, who at first doesn’t want to hear it, but after hearing Angela out, she tells her, despite him being a “loser, a liar and a cheat,” if she knows something that can get the truth out, she has to go with her gut, “if he’s innocent,” that is.

Back at the jail, Ghost is clearly PISSED that Greg was disqualified from the case and now he has to work solely with Silver, which is a problem because neither of them trust each other. Silver tells him he needs to “get over that shit,” which, he does, because regardless of who trusts who, they both want the same outcome: to win the case. Or, in Silver’s words, “I’m the nigga standing between you and the needle.” Well, you can’t argue with that logic, Ghost.

Silver explains to James that at the asset forfeiture hearing, the prosecution will present their findings regarding his bank accounts and what they believe links him to Greg’s murder. So Silver basically asks James if there’s anything he should know about beforehand so that he’s not blindsided in court. James, as usual, maintains his innocence, explaining that Tasha runs their finances, and he’s 100% sure that they haven’t found anything suspicious there.

In addition to warning him about Tasha having to possibly testify, Silver tells Ghost about the possibility of a RICO case, however, “if the business that you shared with Thomas Egan is completely legit, they don’t have anything to worry about.” Silver then asks, “Do we have anything to worry about?” Ghost tells him “NO.” But we ALL know there IS something to worry about, considering Ghost and Tommy’s multi-million dollar “business” consists of them moving drugs across New York. Oh, and Tasha cleans up their money with Keisha’s salon.

Tony Teresi finds out that Marshal Clyde Williams is getting transferred to another prison, likely because Proctor dug up some info on the crooked marshal after his run-in with Ghost in the prison’s gym. Tony is still upset about not being able to blackmail Ghost anymore, so he puts a bug in Williams’ ear about St. Patrick being behind his transfer, so the two devise a plan to get rid of him once and for all.

James gets a visit from his “old friend” Simon Stern. (Remember? The man who temporarily stole Truth from him) Stern is clearly loving seeing James behind bars, and he attempts to use his vulnerability against him. He knows about James’ frozen assets and offers to help him out financially, but James declines. Stern later catches up with Tasha and offers his financial help to her, but like her husband, she too declines. Stern, who apparently doesn’t like taking no for an answer, gives her his card, you know, “just in case” she changes her mind.

Silver meets up with Tasha to explain to her what’s about to go down at the court hearing and to ask her if what Ghost says about their finances being legit is true. “Absolutely,” she tells him. “We’ve always done everything on the up-and-up.” Well, if that’s the case, then Silver tells her that she should have no problem taking the stand for the defense.

Of course she doesn’t want to do that, considering the risks that come with it, but Silver says it’s either her or James. “If there’s really nothing criminal about the family finances, we’ve got nothing to worry about,” he says, promising that he’ll make sure the prosecution stays on task when they cross-examine her. Tasha’s still not convinced about this being a good idea, but at this point, she has no choice.

At the AUSA office, Angela tells Sandoval that she reviewed the security footage from Truth and did not see Ghost hiding a gun anywhere in his office, which totally contradicts their findings, but proves that “he may be innocent.” Sandoval is clearly not pleased with Angela snooping around the case (hmm… I wonder why) and refuses her request to tell Mak about this.

Saxe walks in with Mak and tells Angela and Sandoval about what they found in Ghost and Tasha’s financials: a big boy seven figure check from Tommy to Truth that they believe was used as payment for Greg’s murder, which they now believe was a “murder-for-hire.” They’re going to argue that the nightclub business was used as a cover-up for the payment, which would mean that they could go for a RICO case (just as Silver suspected). So now that the DNA evidence, the gun AND the surveillance footage are all unusable, this is how they’ll prove James St. Patrick killed Greg.

At Tommy’s place, while in the bed smoking a blunt with Keisha and making sexually suggestive references about bongs, he gets an alarming text from Tasha—”Proctor’s off the case. Silver says I might have to testify”—and his whole mood changes. Keisha asks him a question about Holly and he responds as if he’s not even sitting inches away from her: “I’m sorry did you say something?” WELL, DAMN. I’m sure Keisha feels super important at this point. She’s so dickmatized by Tommy, but she can tell Tommy ain’t really feeling her like that.

Tommy catches Proctor taking a stroll and jacks him up, nearly breaking his arm. Tommy’s not too pleased about not knowing Proctor was thrown off the case, which he thinks is linked to him murdering Markham. He’s also not happy about Tasha having to take the stand, but Proctor explains to him that Silver doesn’t have a choice. That’s when Tommy breaks the news about Tasha and Keisha being involved with their “business,” and now Proctor is pissed because the prosecution is actually “barking up the right tree.”

While Proctor is having a lunch date with his daughter (getting booted from the case means more family time), Angela interrupts him to tell him about what she discovered on the surveillance tapes from Truth. She wants his help in “fixing this” and proving Ghost’s innocence, which is ironic considering she’s the reason why Ghost is in jail and Proctor was disqualified from the case. She tells him she brought this to her team, but they brushed her off, which is no surprise to Proctor. “And I’m supposed to be the dirty lawyer,” he says. If the prosecution brings this “new” information to the judge they know it’s going to draw suspicion on their part. “If Ghost didn’t put the gun there, they did,” Proctor says. Well, duh.

Taking Proctor’s advice, Angela meets up with James and Silver and asks him about the fingerprints and whether or not they were planted. James tells her the truth: He broke into the apartment after Greg pulled him over to look for the evidence he said he had about Angela being the mole.

Angela doesn’t believe him until he tells her that he saw her come into the apartment while he was there, and while he was hiding in the bathroom, he overheard her phonecall with Greg. He also points out that the burner phone in the crime scene photos wasn’t there before. It looks like Angela is about to tell James and Silver about the recordings Greg had, but she instead gives them a heads up about the million dollar check Saxe and Mak found in his bank account from Tommy.

After excusing Angela from the room, Silver asks Ghost about the check. He explains to Silver that it was a loan to help pay for a contract with a security firm that has since been terminated. The subject of Tasha testifying comes up again, and Silver tells him that’s going to be their best bet at this point.

Keisha is helping Tasha pick out a dress for the asset forfeiture hearing, in which she may have to testify, so the dress has to be “subdued” and not that bright red dress Keisha likes (Girl, IS YOU SLOW? You can’t wear a red dress to court, and you damn sure shouldn’t wear a red dress on the stand.) During their conversation, Keisha lets it slip that she’s dating a “white boy with flava,” and Tasha says, “The only white boy I know like that is Tommy, and he only dates redheads.” When Keisha tries to change the subject, Tasha gives her a look like, ‘GIRL, I KNOW YOU FUCKING TOMMY, SO SPILL THE TEA BITCH.’

But, she doesn’t, so Tasha goes straight to Tommy for answers. He denies it at first, but after some prodding from Tasha, he finally spills it, explaining to her how at first he was just protecting Keisha from Milan, but things eventually got a little bit more serious between the two of them. “I didn’t plan on hittin’ it, it just happened … a bunch of times” he says.

When Tasha brings up Holly, he tells her that she didn’t run away like how everyone (but him and Ghost) believes. He actually killed her because he thought she had Ghost killed by the Jamaicans. And he had no idea she was pregnant at the time. “If I knew that, I never would have put hands on her,” he says.

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To Tommy’s surprise, Tasha has his back. “I understand why you did what you did. We’re a family, and we protect each other,” she tells him. Tasha knows full well that Tommy is incapable of loving another woman again after Holly, but she warns him that walking away from Keisha could be a problem for EVERYONE since she’s so unpredictable. “What the fuck do we do if she talks?” she asks him. “I got you,” Tommy tells her.

At James and Tasha’s asset forfeiture hearing, Tasha plans on telling Silver everything (I guess she trusts him now; either that, or she’s scared shitless and doesn’t know what else to do), but he surprises her, and the prosecution, by calling James to the stand.

James answers Silver’s questions flawlessly, and it looks like everything’s going according to plan. That is, until Sandoval’s line of questioning includes a story that’s completely false, but it gets James all worked up, and based on James’ responses, the judge agrees to admit the seven-figure loan from Tommy into evidence for the trial. Sandoval walks away with a smug look as if he’s already won the case. Too bad he doesn’t know about Angela conspiring against him and the rest of the prosecution.

After the hearing, James and Silver devise another plan of action. James is not happy about being called a murderer in front of his wife and kids, and right now, their case is falling apart. So Silver tells James that they will need to prepare for trial by bringing in more people—more lawyers, forensic experts, private investigators—to help find all the evidence that the prosecution chose to ignore. This would be good news, but it’s not, considering James is strapped for cash at the moment.

When Ghost hits the prison gym to relieve the stress from his day in court (and also being dirt broke right now), he’s approached by Marshal Williams, who takes his antagonization a bit too far by calling his children “little niglets” and saying they’re going to call him daddy when it’s all said and done. Ghost snaps and punches that bitch ass nigga in the throat. And after a short struggle, he grabs a weight plate and bashes Marshal Williams’ head in with it. I kept waiting for the scene to cut back to Ghost listening to Marshal talk smack about his family, as if the whole beating him to death thing was just a violent fantasy or something, but nope. This is real. In the words of Kanan, “he did that shit.”

As Ghost comes to grips with what he did, Tony Teresi and Biscuit (Remember him? The guy who stole Ghost’s biscuit and also tried to “take” Ghost’s “biscuits”) walk in, Biscuit pulls out a knife as the final motion in their plan to kill Ghost, but Tony yells “Sorry kid, change of plans!” and chokes Biscuit to death. He then instructs Ghost to switch clothes with Biscuit so they can frame him and make it look like a murder-suicide. (I guess Teresi realizes Ghost is more valuable to him alive than dead.) After Tony stages the scene—hanging Biscuit with Marshal Williams’ belt—the two leave the gym as if nothing ever happened. Something tells me this will later come back to haunt James.

After having a talk with her sister, an emotional and remorseful Angela calls Silver and they all go back to court, where Silver calls Angela to the stand to testify about the prosecution’s misconduct throughout the case and their bias against James. She exposes EVERYTHING: How Sandoval denied her request to turn over the surveillance tapes, and how Mak made sure she was kept out of the case’s strategy meetings when she said she believed James was innocent. All’s well that ends well, right? NOPE. Not so fast. Now it’s Mak’s turn to cross examine her.

During his cross examination, he throws Angela under the bus (and gets behind the wheel of said bus, and runs over her again and again) by bringing up the fact that she had a previous sexual relationship with James, which he believes should also be looked at as prosecutorial misconduct. (In other words, if I’m going down, you’re going down too!) At this point, the judge has clearly had it up to HERE with the ENTIRE prosecution and how they’ve handled the case thus far, so he agrees to dismiss James of all charges and suspends the prosecution with a pending investigation to follow. James tries to thank Angela, but she ain’t trying to hear it: “Don’t thank me… Maybe you didn’t do this crime, but we both know you’re not innocent.”

Now that Truth is closed for business (in more ways than one), Tommy, Petar, Julio and Dre need new ways to move the weight because the people they have to answer to in Chicago are losing their patience. Dre proposes to Tommy and Julio that they keep the underground casino going to offset their financial losses from the club being shut down. Dre also suggests a new way to move the weight, and Tommy approves of both plans. Tommy—who is pissed with Dre on the low after finding out from Tariq that he had sex with a girl at a party he says Dre took him to—also makes it clear that he should be informing him of Tariq’s every move. If Tommy’s this mad about Tariq, I can’t wait for him to find out he’s been working with Kanan (who Tommy still thinks is dead) behind his back.

At Tommy’s apartment, he gets a text from Petar saying that the distro in Chicago needs to see him “NOW.” Tommy calls Grim to bring him a new whip for his journey, and he gives Grim his phone, instructing him to leave it turned on. “What if something happens? How are we supposed to reach you?” Grim asks, to which Tommy replies, “You’re not.” Uh-oh. This doesn’t sound too good.

As Angela is leaving the office with her stuff in one of those cardboard boxes you always see people in movies and on TV with when they’re fired, she sees Sandoval (also, box in hand) in the elevator and they have a stare-off. “Bet you feel like you did something noble today,” he tells her. “All you did was free a killer.”

Angela doesn’t care about what Sandoval thinks, because she’s too busy finding Greg’s real murderer, and she tells him that she’s going to do whatever it takes to find out who killed Agent Knox. “The truth always comes to light,” she tells him in Spanish. I wonder what she’s going to do when she finds out Sandoval is the Lobos mole, Greg’s killer AND the person who planted the gun in Truth to frame Ghost.

Later, when Dre has Kanan stop by the underground club pick up his final payment, Dre tells him to stop messing with Tariq because Tariq is in over his head dealing with him. And not only that, but the deeper things get between him and Tariq, Tasha and Tommy are going to start noticing something’s off, which, they already have (unbeknownst to him of course). Dre also tells Kanan that he can help him climb back to the top of the game, and while Kanan is definitely interested, neither of them notice that Julio can see them having their little meeting. Remember, this guy is supposed to be DEAD, so once Julio snitches to Tommy, this could spell big trouble for Dre.

Back at the St. Patrick residence, Silver lets Tasha know that while they should be happy James is on his way home, their victory could be temporary, as they’re not totally out of the clear just yet, considering the judge threw out the charges without prejudice, which means that James could be prosecuted again in the future. That being said, he thinks the prosecution in this case “played their hand and they came up empty.”

Silver recommends that Tasha and James secure a temporary financial support system until the courts unfreeze their assets (which could take some time, because, “paperwork”), and you can probably guess who Tasha calls first: Simon effing Stern. Terry (as Tasha now calls him), who clearly has a thing for Tasha (and the feeling may be mutual), gives her his card and tells her to give him a call if she needs “anything.” Mmhmm. I know what “anything” means in this case.

While James prepares to be processed out of jail, Tony gives him a burner phone to pass along to Tommy. Ghost asks him why he’s so interested in Tommy: “Do you know his father or something?” Tony replies, “You could say something like that,” which basically means that he IS Tommy’s father, y’all.

You guys, Tony Teresi is the father of Thomas Egan, which now explains a lot. A LOT. (You probably properly guessed this earlier, and I’m not sure how Ghost didn’t catch that, or maybe he did and just played it off.) Tony then tells Ghost that if he doesn’t cooperate, he’ll tell the real story about what happened to Marshal Williams. “And you’re gonna end up right back in here with the rest of us,” he says. You got it, Mr. Tommy’s Dad.

While Dre was telling Kanan to stop hanging out with Tariq, Kanan gets a text from the most draining teen on television (OK, the kid from The Strain is probably #1 on that list, but Tariq is a close second) asking for them to meet up at Kanan’s apartment. When Tariq gets there, Kanan is nowhere to be found and the person who is there shocks him. “What are you doing here?” We later find out that the mystery person is none other than Kanan’s crooked cop cousin Jukebox.

After informing him about Ghost’s release, Jukebox tells Kanan that their plan is “right back on track” since Ghost is out of jail and will soon be reunited with his money. (Too bad she doesn’t know about his assets being frozen at the moment.) In case you forgot, their “plan” includes kidnapping Tariq for ransom and then killing him and Ghost once they get the money. Surely, the time Kanan has spent with Tariq over the past few weeks has given him a change of heart, right? Nope, not at all. “So what do you need me to do?” he asks with a big grin on his face.


I would say that Kanan isn’t serious and is simply playing along with Jukebox’s plan, but you have to remember this man killed his own son. His own flesh and blood. BUT, somehow, I feel like he actually cares for Tariq more than he did his own son because Tariq is doing a real good job at pretending like he’s about that life.

Don’t kill him, Kanan, let Ghost do it (figuratively, of course) when he finds out this boy has been hanging out with a stranger for the past few month.

Episodes 6-10 about to be so lit, y’all.

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