In Power Season 4 Episode 4—”We’re In This Together”—Angela finds out Ghost didn’t hide the gun, Proctor gets removed from the case, and someone (you can probably guess who) gets killed for knowing way too much.

Marshal Williams (Charlie Murphy) has had it out for Ghost for being an alleged cop killer ever since he got charged with Greg’s murder. Out of all the inmates in the prison Ghost is being held at while he awaits trial, Williams has his eye directly on Ghost, so much so that Ghost starts to worry about his own well-being with Williams around.

As Ghost is bench pressing in the weight room, Marshal Williams pins a barbell against his neck and tells him a story about how the jail “lost an inmate just like this,” with the weight slipping on his neck and crushing his windpipe.

“He was a cop killer, just like you,” Williams tells Ghost, who then looks at a camera in the distance, but is quickly told by Williams that the cameras in that room haven’t worked in a while—which explains how Williams (or another cop) got away with killing that inmate last year and how he plans to get away with killing Ghost.

Back at Ghost and Tasha’s place, Tommy wakes up on the couch after having slept over, and Keisha is blowing his phone the hell up asking where he is. Tommy and Keisha are still sneaking around having sex (as seen againe in this episode), unbeknownst to everyone else, and when Keisha finds out via Tasha that Tommy slept over, you can tell she’s worried that Tasha’s going to take her man “like Shawn.” (For the umpteenth time, Keisha, TASHA DON’T WANT NO DAMN TOMMY, LOL.)

“You sure that’s a good idea? You think Ghost would like his best friend shacking up with his wife?” Keisha asks Tasha, to which Tasha replies, “Ghost asked for Tommy to be here.” Tasha then goes into detail with Keisha about her impromptu meeting with Angela, which was inspired by Mak telling her to get some intel after Tasha’s gun (remember they took it when they searched Tasha and Ghost’s apartment) came back completely clean. And on top of that, the DNA evidence was thrown out.

Angela told Tasha about that wack-ass plea deal, which would “protect” Tasha and the kids, but of course Ghost didn’t take the deal because he didn’t do anything, and you can’t blame the man for wanting to prove his innocence. Tasha is hurt that Ghost made a decision that involves the whole family without consulting her first, but honestly, she should just let that shit go because they all have waaay bigger fish to fry.

While meeting with Proctor and Silver about their next plan of action—getting the gun thrown out—Ghost gets frustrated with Silver, who keeps questioning his association with felons (Dre and Julio) and whether the gun is really his. Long story short, Silver still thinks Ghost did it (i.e Kill Greg), and he wants to make sure they cross their t’s and dot their i’s with their defense, because if the gun comes back with any connection to Ghost, he’s a dead man walking for sure. Ghost is pissed that Silver doesn’t believe him. “Why the fuck are you on my team then?” he asks.

Silver points out to Ghost that he can’t lose his cool like that while he’s on the stand if he ends up having to testify. “You will be seen as just another angry black man who killed a cop in cold blood.” Ghost lets Silver know that he understands. When Silver leaves the room to get to work on getting the gun thrown out, Ghost pulls Proctor to the side and asks him to look into Marshal Clyde Williams and an incident in the weight room. But that’s not all. Ghost also wants Proctor to confirm Tony Teresi’s involvement in the murder of Roberto Solletti so that he can let that first payment drop be his last.

Later, Proctor fills Tommy in on all the info he has about Teresi, and how he is the one who has to drop that payment off. Tommy is shocked about Teresi finding out about Ghost’s identity, and he’s even more shocked when Proctor tells him he asked for HIM specifically, by name, to make that drop. Being the O.G. Triple O.G. that he is, Tommy goes to Teresi’s house to drop off that $20K payment, and he also successfully gets the confirmation on the mobster’s involvement in Roberto Solletti’s murder.

At the warehouse, when Julio is collecting drops, Cristobal lets it be known that he is not happy about Tommy running over his boy Domingo and breaking his legs, which is clearly news to Julio. Cristobal notices this, and points out to Julio that he sees that he and Tommy aren’t on the same page. This causes Cristobal to not have respect for Julio as distro, and not only that, but it doesn’t look like Tommy respects him either, Cristobal says, which leaves Julio with something to think about.

Tommy is pissed that Dre didn’t show up to the distro meeting, and Julio isn’t happy that Tommy didn’t inform him about running over Cristobal’s street soldier Domingo. But Tommy tells Julio if he was handling business like he was supposed to, the “Dominican Shrek” (LOL!) would “still have two good legs,” and, besides, “handicapped people get all the best parking spots” (Sidebar: Tommy has some of the most hilarious lines on the show.)

Tommy questions Julio about spending more time with the feds than Dre, but wait, how does he know that? Dre, of course, and while Julio doesn’t know that for sure, he’s not stupid and has a pretty solid idea as to where Tommy that information.

Julio meets up with Dre at Truth, and goes off on him about not attending the drop-off. Dre tells Julio he was busy handling some business for the club and he’ll make sure he’s at the next one. Julio confronts Dre about snitching to Tommy about his longer-than-usual meeting with the feds, but Dre denies telling Tommy anything. “How the hell would I know you were in there longer?” Dre asks. (GOOD ONE, DRE!) Julio and Dre shake hands “on some G shit,” and Julio says they’re “cool,” but you can tell Julio knows what Dre is up to.

When Cristobal meets with Dre, he also points out that Dre missed the payment drop and asks if something is wrong with him and Tommy. Dre tells him everything is all good, but he has noticed that “Tommy has been acting kinda crazy lately.” Cristobal tells Dre about what happened to Domingo aka “Dominican Shrek” (which will be my nickname for him from this point forward) and how Julio had no idea about it. Cristobal says his boys are ready to “revolt,” but Dre is more interested in hearing more about Julio’s shortcomings as a distro. “Julio ain’t ready for primetime,” Dre says. Oh boy, here we go…

At Raina and Tariq’s school, Tasha goes off on the administration for not protecting her kids and allowing Raina’s picture to be on the front of a newspaper. This is a problem no other students have had to dealt with, the principal notes, because they don’t have a parent in jail for (allegedly) murdering a federal agent. Tasha points out that the money they pay should ensure their children’s safety, and that’s when the principal drops a truth bomb on her. The St. Patrick’s last check didn’t clear, and they have a week to come up with this quarter’s tuition or else Tariq and Raina will be suspended.

During the pre-trial hearing, Proctor cross-examines Special Agent Donovan about the gun he found in James’ office at Truth—the same gun that Sandoval planted, remember? As Proctor goes all the way in with his line of questioning and accuses Donovan of being the mole, Donovan gets EXTREMELY heated and starts hurling a bunch of four-letter words (mostly the F-word), much to the surprise of the prosecution, and much to the delight of Silver. “You see?” he tells Ghost, “Angry black man.”

Now that Donovan has proven that he can’t handle being called to the stand during the PRE-TRIAL, there’s no way in the hayell the prosecution is going to allow him to take the stand during the actual trial to testify about finding the gun. “We’re screwed,” Mak notes. YES, YOU ARE, BUDDY.

Thanks to the prosecution’s case falling apart bit-by-bit, Proctor is trying to get Bailey Markham on the side of the defense. Markham tells Proctor about the recording he has that might help the defense, but it will only work if James turns against Tommy, because Tommy admits to killing Lobos on the tape (and he can also be heard murdering Ruiz), which means that Proctor will have to choose between his two clients. Proctor and Markham agree to meet at Proctor’s place. When Proctor tells Tommy about the meeting, Tommy invites himself over, because he’s Tommy and he does whatever the hell he pleases.

Proctor meets up with Ghost at the jail and tells him he has good news and bad news. The good news is that he got Marshal Williams transferred to another prison, and Tommy also got Teresi to confirm his involvement in the Solletti murder. The bad news revolves around the recording Markham has that implicates Tommy in the murders of Lobos and Ruiz, but Ghost reminds Proctor for the umpteenth time that he is NOT turning on his boy. Proctor warns Ghost to be careful with the intel he has on Teresi, and the two part ways once again.

During their meeting, Bailey plays Proctor the recording he has on his laptop, and Proctor not only hears Tommy admitting to Ruiz that he and Ghost killed Lobos, but he also hears Tommy actually killing Ruiz. Proctor asks if anyone on the prosecution has heard the recording, and, despite mentioning it to Saxe, Bailey confirms that only the two of them have actually heard it. Then Tommy pops up out of nowhere (like a killer in a horror movie) and stabs Bailey to death. YIKES!

Tommy was under the impression that Ghost and Proctor were plotting against him, so now they’ll have to work together, Tommy says. “We both implicated, so gettin’ Ghost to flip on me ain’t really an option for you no more, is it?” Tommy says with a sinister laugh as he wipes the blood from the knife on Proctor’s hoodie.

Proctor, who is scared shitless at this point, tells Tommy that Ghost went to Greg’s place looking for the recording they were just listening to and he had nothing to do with its existence. Upon learning this information, Tommy realizes he’s fucked up bad, real bad, Michael Jackson. But, hey, what’s done is done and they can’t cry over spilled milk (or blood, in this instance). Now, Proctor has to not only dispose of the recording and Bailey’s laptop, but also his dead body. When all of this is over, Proctor deserves one helluva raise, because, DAYUM!

While all of this is going on, the feds are shutting down Keisha’s hair salon and Club Truth. A frantic Keisha calls Tasha, and Dre, clearly panicked, phones Julio. (Ironic that Julio is the first person on Dre’s call list, no?)

While snooping through Tariq’s room, Raina finds the money he got from helping Kanan break into his rich friends’ houses. Tariq walks in on her and snaps, telling her to “get outta my room, f**kin snitch.” As Raina leaves his room, she calls him an “idiot,” proving that she is DEFINITELY the smart twin. Yes, Raina, your brother is an IDIOT, and hopefully he realizes this himself before it’s too late.

Earlier in the day, Tariq was at Kanan’ house sippin’ on some lean when a young woman catches his attention. Later, after helping Kanan gain entry into more homes (and ALMOST GETTING CAUGHT, OMG), Kanan rewards Tariq with the gift of free P-U-S-S-Y. That girl that Tariq was looking at? Kanan talks her into taking Tariq into the backroom, where it all goes down (i.e. he has sex with her).

But before that happens, Dre pops up to drop off that payment and lets him know that he’s not sure if he’ll be able to keep this up now that Truth has been shut down. “That sounds like a you problem to me,” Kanan tells Dre. “I don’t give a f**k how you do it, just get it done.” When Dre notices Tariq, he tries to get him to leave with him, but Tariq, unsurprisingly, stays so he can get his first taste of nookie.

Ghost talks to Teresi about their little “deal,” and, using his dying wife Connie as collateral damage, Ghost taunts him about Solletti’s family finding out about who killed their father. Since this could affect his upcoming trial, Teresi agrees to end their “agreement,” and, hopefully, this is the end of it.

At his next hearing, James finds out that the feds have frozen his assets, leaving his family scrambling for money (which explains why the check for Tariq and Raina’s tuition bounced). Silver wants to know what the FBI could have found in their financial records that would give them a reason to seize their bank accounts. Speaking to James and Proctor, Silver asks, “What the hell are you two not telling me?” In that moment, Sandoval presents the judge with some paperwork, which we later find out is a motion to get Proctor disqualified from the case due to him previously working with Tommy.

Mak uses Angela’s bum deal to prove that Proctor working with both Tommy and James is an “inherent conflict of interest,” since James adamantly refused to take the deal, which included him turning on Tommy. Proctor is removed from the case as James’ lawyer, leaving Silver as the HNIC of Ghost’s defense. The only good thing that comes out of this is that the judge also decides to throw the gun out, but you can probably bet your last dollar that James isn’t going to be happy to hear that his life now lays in the hands of Silver.

After breaking the news to Ghost, Proctor, clearly inebriated, pops up at Angela’s apartment and goes off on her. “How the hell do you know where I live?” she asks. He stresses to her about Ghost’s innocence, and then lays it on thick: “You know what the worst part of it is? Everything he’s done, he did for you… And I told him, ‘You have a choice. You have to choose: her or your own life. And that stupid motherf**ker chose you!” He adds, “It’s not his gun, Angela. And if it’s not his gun, what does that say about the rest of your case, huh?”

Now, once again feeling like complete shit (which seems to be a reoccurring theme for Angela this season), Angela requests access to the surveillance footage from the club. Not only does she find out that James did NOT hide that gun, but she also sees that Sandoval was the last person to view the footage. “Holy shit,” she says to herself. “He didn’t hide the gun.” THAT’S WHAT HE’S BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU THIS WHOLE TIME, ANGELA!

That’s why we (the viewers) can’t stand yo ass!

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