We’re three episodes deep into the fourth season of Power, and I’m still screaming free my ninja Ghost, and the prosecution is making sure they do everything in their “power” (pun intended) to not make that happen.

But, unfortunately for them, Mr. James St. Patrick has the best lawyer in the world, and he’s going to do everything within HIS “power” (again, pun intended) to get our boy out of that orange jumpsuit.

Meanwhile, Ghost is still trying to keep a lid on his street identity, however, once again, people are just not making that an easy task for him.

Find out what happens in Power Season 4 Episode 3 below:

Julio, Dre and Keisha are brought in for questioning.

The opening scenes of this episode show Dre and Julio being literally grabbed off the street by men in suits so that they can be brought in for questioning. A visibly nervous LaKeisha is also hauled into an interrogation room, and you can tell that she’s not used to this sort of thing.

Dre and Julio (pronounced by Saxe — aka the only white person on the prosecution — as “Jool-io”) are playing it cool, telling investigators they know nothing about any illegal dealings and portraying James St. Patrick as a regular ol’ guy who has a soft spot for people from the hood.

“Most people like James who make it out of the hood, they turn their back on it,” Dre tells Sandoval. “But not James. He ain’t like that. He hires people who are f**ked up. Like me.”

“That man looked out for me when he didn’t have to,” Julio says of St. Patrick to Saxe, who notices and points out Julio’s Toros gang tattoo. “He put himself on the line and made a deal to get me out of the Toros Locos.”

“James isn’t the type of guy who would kill somebody,” Dre says. “He couldn’t have killed anybody.”

WELP. Looks like you guys won’t be getting anything out of these two!

As for Keisha, however, instead of playing it cool like Dre and Julio, she lets Angela get deep under her skin, and without realizing it, gives Angela everything she needs to break spousal privilege between Tasha and James. Meaning, Tasha could end up being forced to testify on the stand against her husband, and if she refuses, she could be prosecuted as well, practically orphaning Raina and Tariq — who honestly needs ALL the parental guidance he can get at this point (even if it’s coming from just one parent at the moment). GODDAMMIT, KEISHA!

Dre and Julio just cannot (and WILL NOT) get along.

The tension between Dre and Julio is so thick you can cut it with a knife. As they’re being rounded up for questioning, they spot each other in the hallway of the police station, and roll their eyes at one another in a “f**k” this guy kind of way.

Later, when Tommy gives Julio the heads up about their next big drug shipment (“This is the most important shipment of your fucking life,” Tommy says.), Julio gets worried that the heat is on them and the organization, so he pays Dre a visit at the nightclub to talk about their date with the feds and to tell him to lay low with moving drugs through the club, at least until the investigation is over. But, unbeknownst to Julio, it’s not that easy for Dre to just shut that down because Kanan is going to be expecting that $45K every week like clockwork, and, at the moment, that’s the only way he can give it to him.

Dre also points out that Julio was in the interrogation room with Saxe a lot longer than he was in with Sandoval, which means that he probably said too much and snitched on the crew. Too bad Tommy already knew that, because Julio told him himself earlier. Try again, muddasucka.

Bailey Markham returns to clear Greg Knox’s name.

Since Greg Knox isn’t here to defend himself (obviously), the prosecution is dead set on the narrative that he was the mole who leaked information to Ghost (who they believe is Tommy, lol) about Felipe Lobos, which resulted in their murders by “Ghost” (Tommy) and his “accomplice” (St. Patrick).

In comes Greg’s long-haired mentor Bailey Markham, who has returned to clear his friend’s name. Seeing Angela at Greg’s funeral pisses him all the way off because he thinks Angela was the Lobos mole, and not Greg, which we the viewers know to be true. So he pays the AUSAs’ office a visit and tells them what he knows.

“Greg called me [the night of his murder] to tell me that he could prove Angela Valdez was Lobos’ inside man,” Markham says, while also pointing out that he called Sandoval (who now has a look of worry on his face). Mak tells Markham that they discovered evidence that proves Knox was the leak. Markham demands to know what the evidence is, but Mak won’t tell him, which pisses Markham off and he leaves the room without telling them anything he knows.

Markham then pays Angela a visit in her office to tell her off about how Greg’s murder was all her fault. “If you’d never left Greg for St. Patrick in the first place, Greg would still be alive,” he tells her. (I see no lies there!) Angela snaps back, saying that she feels bad enough for what happened and she doesn’t need him ragging on her, and she’ll “do anything to get justice for Greg.” Oh, word? “Then you should clear his name,” Markham says, “and finally admit to being the mole.”

He continues, “You testify about St. Patrick, I testify about Greg trying to nail you both. You go to jail. St. Patrick gets the needle. And Greg gets colors on his grave. Everybody gets what they deserve.” Well, damn, sir. Way to drive that knife into Angela’s already shattered heart! (Not that she doesn’t deserve some harsh words, considering all the lives she’s f**ked up, but still…)

After failing to get what he needs from Mak and Angela, Markham pays Saxe a visit as a last resort and to tug on his heartstrings a bit. “You and Greg were friends, or at least HE thought so,” he says. Markham tells Saxe about the recording he has in which Tommy confesses to killing Lobos with Ghost.

“You mean Ghost and [Tommy] Egan aren’t the same guy,” Saxe responds, putting two and two together and coming to the conclusion that James St. Patrick is Ghost. But, it’s not enough for him, because, for one, Markham’s evidence goes against the prosecution’s narrative that Tommy is Ghost, and they’ll have to start all the way over in their investigation, and ain’t nobody got time for that. And two, it’s circumstantial because the tape doesn’t necessarily identify James St. Patrick as Ghost nor does it identify Angela as the mole. Strike three for Markham. GIVE IT UP, DUDE.

Tariq is STILL out here doing hoodrat stuff with his BFF Kanan.

Tariq may be a terrible son, but he seems to be a pretty good big brother. When a group of guys, namely Ethan (the little a-hole who gave Tariq lip in last week’s episode), are teasing Raina about their dad being in jail — “Hey babygirl! Your dad didn’t mention murder on career day” — Tariq comes barreling down the stairs like a madman and throws that clown azz dude against the wall. Raina begs for him to stop, and when he lets go, he tells her to tell the office he’s sick so that he can skip school and hang out with his BFF Slim (Kanan) and drink more lean.

When Tariq tells Kanan his dad could get the death penalty, Kanan looks like he wants to flash a huge smile. But he can’t focus on that right now, because it’s time for him to enact his plan with Tariq helping him break into his rich classmates’ homes. And guess whose house is first on the list? Ethan! Ha, that’s what you get, fool.

Ghost finally finds out why that old man keeps staring at him.

Ever since Ghost has been in jail, he’s been noticing that a certain fair-skinned gentleman taking a unique interest in him. And, for the most part, that gentleman has kept his distance … ’til now.

Tony Teresi is desperately trying to secure funding for his dying wife’s cancer treatments, so after finding out that James St. Patrick is indeed Ghost, he comes up with the idea of blackmailing him. Ghost tries his best to deflect, but Teresi doesn’t back down, threatening to reveal his identity to “that chink prosecutor” (Mak).

“How fast do you think you’ll get the needle then?” Teresi asks. “You’re either gonna pay me, and I keep my mouth shut, or you ain’t gonna pay me, and I ain’t gonna keep my mouth shut.”

Backed into a corner, Ghost finally caves and agrees to pay Teresi $20,000 a week, hand-delivered by Tommy to a mysterious address, “cause ain’t nobody else gonna be as committed to making sure I get my money and that I lose my singing voice.” Ha! This guy is a whole riot.

Angela presents Ghost with a bullsh*t plea deal in which he’ll have to turn on Tommy.

While Ghost is meeting with his lawyers — yes, as in lawyers with an “s” because there’s TWO of them now, and the new guy, Terry Silver, is a real live a** hole — Angela bursts in requesting some one-on-one time with Ghost, who declines because he doesn’t trust her. Sorry, Angela, but you lost that privilege of being alone with Ghost a while ago. After-all, you are the reason he’s in jail in the first place.

A clearly uncomfortable Angela tells Ghost then presents Ghost with the most bullsh*t plea deal I’ve ever heard of: “Confess to killing Greg, give us Tommy for the Lobos murder, and I promise I’ll get your sentence reduced as much as I can.” BISH, WHET?! As much as you can? Reduced by what? A year? Or two? MAYBE three? FOH!

“I won’t confess to something I didn’t do,” Ghost tells her. And that’s when she goes in for the kill, telling him that if he doesn’t take the deal, she and her team of crooked azz ASUAs will force Tasha to testify as his accomplice, and if she refuses, she’ll be prosecuted, which will leave Tariq and Raina without parents — one in jail and the other in the ground.

Ghost in but so many words tells her to f**k off. Bitch, bye!

Meanwhile, Silver thinks he should take the deal, but the whole thing has Proctor like, “WTF?!” because he knows that Mak would NEVER give Angela the clearance to give James a plea deal. “That smug prick would want this moment all for himself.” Well, he sure does have a point there!

But, alas, Silver — who isn’t convinced that James is innocent — doesn’t agree with Proctor not taking the deal. “She is uniquely qualified to f**k with our client’s head… If James is REALLY your client, then tell him to turn on Egan. Or walk away.” Sorry, Mr. Silver guy, but Ghost is NOT going to snitch on his friend for something neither one of them had anything to do with. Just be patient and follow Proctor’s lead.

Joe Proctor, aka THE MOTHAF**KIN MAN, gets the DNA “evidence” thrown out!

I don’t ever ever EVER plan on committing a crime that has me potentially facing the death penalty, however, if someone ever decides to frame me for a murder I didn’t commit, I would like to have a lawyer like Joe Proctor. This guy is a bad mother… shut yo mouth!

From the beginning, he has been on Ghost’s side, and he believes Ghost when he tells him he’s innocent, unlike Terry Silver. (F**k that guy!) Of course, he has a personal investment in Ghost and Tommy in that he also does some illegal things with them, but still… you can’t say that the man doesn’t ride for his boy.

During one of their many meetings, Ghost tells Proctor that Agent Knox pulled him over the night of his murder, which is something he told Angela, but failed to tell his damn lawyer, who gives him a look like, “BRUH… WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THIS SOONER?!?”

Ghost then has a serious lightbulb moment. His DNA was under Greg’s fingernails because during Greg’s undocumented traffic stop, he yanked Ghost up and threw him against his car. This is how they’ll get the DNA thrown out, Proctor says. AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HE DOES.

At a hearing for James’ case, Proctor provides the judge with footage from a street security camera that clearly shows Greg pulling James over (which he didn’t document) and throwing him against his vehicle. And not only that, but he also has cell phone records that show St. Patrick and Greg’s phones pinging from the same cell phone tower at the exact time the security footage says.

The judge is a tough cookie though, and that’s not enough for him to throw out the DNA evidence. But when Proctor reveals that AUSA Angela Valdes KNEW about the illegal traffic stop, and Mak admits that Angela mentioned it to him, but he didn’t pursue it, the judge agrees to throw the DNA evidence out, which is a HUUUUUGE victory for St. Patrick’s case.

Joe Proctor, you da man, dawg. YOU DA MOTHAF**KIN MAN!

Later, Mak apologizes to Angela for not taking her seriously, and agrees to put her back on the case. “I almost forgot why you’re the most valuable person on this team,” he tells her. BOY, BYE!

James thanks Silver for finding the tapes that got the DNA evidence thrown out. “Just doing my job,” Silver says. I almost start liking this guy, but then he reminds me why I don’t. “I’m not here because you’re innocent… I’m here because you can pay, and your money will allow me to help those who actually deserve it,” he tells St. Patrick.

However, Silver, despite being convinced that Ghost committed the murder, assures his client that he’s going to do everything he can to prove his innocence in court, but, “I know what kind of man you are, James… and no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise, you know it too.” Ugh. Again, F**K THIS GUY!

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