Al Sharpton kicked his Father’s Day off by taking a workout selfie in the mirror, which resulted in him being roasted endlessly all over the internet.

The famous civil rights activist and political commentator shared a photo of himself on Facebook and Instagram rocking a compression shirt and basketball shorts along with his plans for the day:

Happy Father’s Day!! Headed to workout at dawn, then I’m live on Politics Nation w/Al Sharpton at 8 am/et on MSNBC, then on my national radio show from 9-10 am, and then I preach the 9 30 and 11 30 am services at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Newark, NJ. Thank God for energy and purpose as I celebrate another Father’s Day.

As you can see in the photo, Sharpton made sure he gave us a full view of his workout gear, and that’s what inspired the impromptu roast on social media:

Also, let the records show that this is NOT the first time Al Sharpton has used a mirror to make sure his selfie is juuuuust right:

Can someone please tell Uncle Al that our phones have cameras on the front for this very purpose?