Is Nicki Minaj trying to recover from the major “L” she took thanks to Remy Ma by now being the good Samaritan? The rapper just paid for several fans to go to college after randomly being asked on Twitter.

While interacting with fans on social media Saturday (May 8), Nicki offered to pay more than $20,000 of tuition, books, housing, meal plans, and even student loans. Her only stipulations were that the lucky fans must prove they have straight A’s, a good GPA, or expressed why they desperately needed financial help.

She agreed to pay the remaining $500 of a single mother’s tuition, $6,000 for one semester for another (including room and board, courses, meal plans), and contributed to several other fans’ higher education needs.

TMZ has confirmed some of the fans have already received deposits in their bank accounts. One had a deposit of $500, while another was gifted $800. Nicki asked for their bank info via DM.

Nicki’s impromptu scholarship fund was sparked while she was tweeting about a contest that would allow a few of her fans to attend the Billboard Music Awards later this month. She stated that fans from every country are welcome to enter because “muva makes enough money.”

This prompted a fan to send a meme featuring Wendy Williams asking if “muva” would pay his tuition. The requests began rolling in from there.

Nicki also informed her fans that she would do something like this again in the near future.

Pettiness aside, I’m sure the rapper’s generosity had nothing to do with her beef with Remy Ma and came from the kindness of her heart. She also often stressed the importance of education to her fans and it’s wonderful to see that she not only uses her money for a good cause, but is also willing to help her fans achieve success in higher education.

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