After erupting on Kenya Moore repeatedly in person and countless times on Instagram, Matt Jordan, Kenya’s latest ex, decided to switch things up and shift his target to someone else for a change.

In a seemingly unprovoked social media press release, Matt Jordan claims that one of the sources of strife between him and Kenya was instigated by Peter Thomas and Todd Tucker. Jordan claims that they’re the ones who encouraged him to ask Kenya for money for his appearances. In fact, he says they said he was entitled to 10% of her fee, since that’s what their wives (or ex-wife in Peter’s case) give them.

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TSR STAFF: Debra Oh! @The_Ebony_Issue _____________________________________ #KenyaMoore's ex-man #MattJordan is spilling more tea but this time he's throwing some of the men from #RHOA under the bus! _____________________________________ Matt decided to go on Instagram Live to reveal that #PeterThomas and #ToddTucker tried to coach him into getting 10% off of Kenya's show earnings. _____________________________________ "Bruh, you need to be asking shorty for at least 10% of what she makes. That’s what our ladies give us," he said Peter told him. _____________________________________ He goes on to say that Todd also chimed in, "They getting all in my ear. And I’m like, y’all girls are different, my lady is different. That’s dangerous. You guys were married. They were like ‘Yo, Matt, you’re her storyline. You deserve monetary compensation.'" _____________________________________ Apparently, this is what led him to believe that he was supposed to receive $10k from Kenya for the reunion even though he states she got upset when he asked her about profiting off of her. _____________________________________ Matt goes on to say that Peter and Todd were cool with him, telling him if he ever needed anything they would have his back, but when things hit the fan, they all — read more at (link in bio) (🎥: @allaboutthetea)

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Um, ok. Even if they advised you to get paid for appearing on TV, they certainly didn’t FORCE you to do anything and they certainly didn’t encourage you to bust the windows out of her garage or car over it.

Because Peter Thomas is the king of petty, he IMMEDIATELY responded to Matt’s provocations by putting out his own Instagram press release:

Peter’s right: Leave them out of it. You asked for information, they answered. You’re a grown-ass man and you need to take responsibility for your own actions, Matt.

Matt took to the ‘gram again and threatened Todd and Peter indirectly, pointing out that he had far less to lose than they did:

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Somebody take #MattJordan's phone 😩

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If that ain’t some scary shit….You know who owes someone an apology? Kenya owes the entire RHOA cast an apology for bringing this looney toon fool around them in the first place. Now he’s out here threatening people over Instagram like his name is Chris Brown. Stop the madness.

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