Gospel singer Kirk Franklin may be a man of God, but one twitter troll learned very quickly that he is not the one to try.

President Donald Trump’s illegal executive order banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States caused uproar and sparked protests across the nation. Many expressed their thoughts on social media, including celebrities.

Although Christian, Franklin took to his own Twitter account on Saturday (Jan. 28) to stand up for his Muslim brothers and sisters.

A Trump troll felt some sort of way regarding Franklin’s compassion towards people of another faith and left an ominous comment about the singer’s daughter.

Franklin gave a brilliant comeback – in Jesus’ name, of course!

So yea, I dare anyone to run up in Kirk Franklin’s house. Social media approved of Franklin’s epic clapback as well.


After his posts went viral, Franklin returned to Twitter Sunday (Jan. 29) to further explain why he defended another religion and called those of the Muslim faith his “brother.”

Franklin has been outspoken in the past and typically supports inclusiveness. It’s great that he would use his platform to advocate for people who are of a different religion than or those that may share different beliefs/opinions.

Though he is all about love and Jesus, don’t get it twisted. The moral of the story is don’t underestimate Kirk Franklin; he doesn’t play any games.

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