The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. After building up to a tension-filled crescendo for several episodes, we finally get to the point where Tami Roman and Duffey lay hands on each other.

The interesting thing is that the point that led up to the scrap came after Tami and Duffey had successfully hung around each other for several hours without incident.

After being notified that Tami would prefer to do activities separate from Duffey, Duffey made it a big deal and told her friends on the trip that Tami’s move hurt her feelings.

Duffey explained that if she’d known she was going to be excluded or ostracized on this trip, she would’ve just stayed home with her son. Tami, who is sitting completely in her petty, does not give a single fuck and pretty much stays with her face lookin’ like this:


Duffey seems to be suffering from a severe crisis of confidence. At one point during their outing, Duffey openly claims that she has no beef with Tami and is good with her. Tami reminds Duffey that the last time they met, she said she would beat her ass in front of her daughter.

“We’re all here, I’m happy, so thank you. I don’t have a problem,” Duffey declares. “I’m over the situation. If I still wanted to fight you, then I would but honestly, I’m far past it.”

So with the issue seemingly put to rest for the moment, the ladies continue their outing in Lisbon. They go out and make tile, and Jackie paints an awkward tile of a woman with saggy breasts and a hairy bush, and all is good.

The next day, Jackie tries to get the girls to turn up by drinking at 10 am. She continues to ply them with Bossard once they get to the beach, but the girls aren’t really into it. While Jackie and Duffey are at the bar trying to acquire more liquor for the girls, the ladies feel that it’s simply too cold for a beach day and decide to pack it up.

Jackie Christie is not happy.


Once the ladies arrive at their lunch spot, Jackie is on the verge of an emotional breakdown. She complains that her husband sent them on a fabulous Portuguese vacation so that they can have a good time, but the “underlying tension” in the group is ruining the trip for everyone.

Tami quickly pipes up that she and Duffey have an ongoing issue, but that it appeared to be nipped in the bud, since Duffey told everyone that she had moved on past it.

At that point, Duffey interjects that she doesn’t have a problem with Tami, but she does have a problem with the way Tami has told the story.

At that point, the needle on the record comes to a complete halt and Tami asks, “Let’s be clear. When I asked you yesterday to put your concerns out, you needed time to think about what your issues were and come back today?”

At that point, Duffey tries to explain herself further, but Tami is not here for any of it. She gets up and walks away because when Duffey had the opportunity to hash things out, she didn’t and acted like it was all good. At first, it seems like Tami’s cooler side will prevail as she walks away from the situation. But then something snaps, and Tami strides back toward the table with her drink in hand.


“Ok, what is it that you want to say?” Tami says after taking a swig from her drink.

Before you can even say “Bitch, don’t kill my vibe,” Tami is on the other side of the table and swinging for Duffey’s head.



The only thing separating Duffey and Tami in this moment is Brandi and BBWLA production. Duffey claims she’s not scared of Tami, but her pinched Betty Boop face says otherwise. Tami, meanwhile, is full of fiery rage and is intent on bustin’ Duffey upside her head.


While production forcefully restrains Tami from ripping Duffey’s head off, Brandi tries to pack her friend off and get her away from harm’s way. For some reason, Brandi finds time to unload on poor Angel Love in the midst of this, even though she didn’t do nothin’. Poor thing.


Once Duffey and Brandi successfully make their escape, Shaunie and Malaysia are tasked with babysitting Tami Roman, who is still very much in She-Hulk mode, ranting and raving about how she’s going to whoop Duffey’s ass.


After pausing for a quick smoke break, Tami then announces she’s going to the bathroom and sensing danger, Shaunie and Malaysia try to accompany her. But suddenly, Tami Roman turns into Usain Bolt and takes off sprinting.


It’s not clear where Tami is running to, we have to presume back to the hotel to attack Duffey, but given that Tami can smoke a cigarette and then sprint like a track and field star, Duffey should tread very carefully. That’s a bitch who’s running on nothing but adrenaline and she’s coming for blood and split ends.

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