After taking a week-long hiatus, Power returned to TV tonight and continued where the last episode ended.

In this week’s episode, Ghost finds a way to get his deal with Karen Bassett back on the table, Kanan talks Tariq into doing hoodrat stuff, everyone in Angela’s office is close to finding out who the leak is, and Ghost and Tasha make-up and take things to the bedroom for the first time this season.

Here are some things to know about the episode:

1. Mike is closer to getting caught.


Mike comes super close to blowing his cover at the beginning of the episode when he calls the burner phone (that Hugo had last) to find out who’s now in possession of it. Angela answers the phone and when she does, her and Mike both hear a helicopter flying over their office, but neither say anything on the line. This worries Mike because he knows whoever has the phone works in the office. It also confirms to Angela that the person who leaked Lobos’ whereabouts on the day of his transfer definitely works in the office. Luckily for Mike, he hangs up before a word is said and Angela has no clue who called the phone.

Later in the episode, Mike breaks into Hugo’s home to get rid of any evidence linking back to him in case the Feds search the place. Greg sees Mike on his way out of the apartment and knows something fishy is going on. Who knows what this could lead to? Especially with how persistent and not able to give shit up Greg is, Mike may be in trouble for real this time.

2. Kanan talks Tariq into stealing sneakers from a shoe store.


After Ghost gives his “I know i messed up with my family to chase my career” speech to the kids at Tariq and Raina’s school, Tariq (who just ain’t feelin his pops at all these days) goes to hang out with Kanan (aka “Slim”), and the two go to a shoe store called Jimmy Jazz.

Inside the store, Tariq sees a pair of $250 Jordans he likes and Kanan teases him about having rich parents who can buy him anything he wants. Kanan tells Tariq that when he grew up he stole in order to demand respect from others. He asks Tariq if he wants respect, and of course this makes Tariq decide to try to be all cool and steal the pair of shoes out of the store.

When one of the workers in the store goes to take a break, Tariq puts the store number in his phone and asks the only guy left in the store working to get him a size 10 in the expensive sneakers. After the guy comes back with the shoes, Tariq tries them on, and when the clerk isn’t looking, he puts the shoes he walked in with back in the shoebox, in place of the new pair of Jordans. He then calls the store and when the guy who brought him the shoes goes to answer the phone, he makes a clean getaway out of the store with Kanan by his side.

3. Tommy kills Ruiz.


Tommy is fed up with Ghost trying to kill Milan behind his back and finally confronts him about the matter. He makes Ghost have to choose between him or continuing to go after the Serbian drug lord. Tommy even throws it up in Ghost’s face that he chose him over Holly. Ghost tells Tommy he chooses him and asks him to set up a meeting between Ruiz and Milan.

Ghost tries to make it seem like the meeting is about making Ruiz feel comfortable with the new work Milan has them moving, but in reality, we all know this is part of Ghost’s plan to have Ruiz snitch on Milan and give him to the Feds. Tommy agrees to set it up, even though he isn’t the biggest fan of Ruiz, who earlier in the episode only brought him half of the money owed for the next drug shipment.

The meeting with Milan and Ruiz ends up going well (even though I’m sure that was all a part of Tommy’s plan) and afterwards Tommy volunteers to give Ruiz a ride home. On the ride home, Tommy vents to Ruiz about Ghost and how he’s not being loyal to him. Ruiz tells Tommy he’s not in the mood for his complaining, but when Tommy refuses to stop talking, he has no choice but to sit there and listen.

As Tommy continues to vent, his car conveniently “breaks down” in the middle of the road and he pulls over to fix it. While looking under the hood, Tommy asks Ruiz to hand him the flashlight in the glove compartment. Ruiz is shook up as hell (which, he has good reason to be fucking around with Tommy) and nervously looks into the glove compartment to find the flashlight and Tommy’s gun. This makes Ruiz feel safe and he gets out of the car to help, only to be stabbed and killed by Tommy moments later. Even I saw that one coming…

After killing Ruiz, Andre shows up with a stolen car and helps Tommy carry Ruiz’s body to the car. Andre asks Tommy to not tell Ghost about his involvement in Ruiz’s murder and Tommy agrees not to say a word, as long as he doesn’t.

4. Ghost and Tasha have hot, steamy makeup sex.


After setting up Andy and Alby, Ghost visits Tasha and tells her the good news that he was able to get his deal with Karen Bassett back on the table. Ghost assures Tasha that the kids will be financially stable for the rest of their lives and never have to worry about a dime. Tasha congratulates Ghost on all the club success and admits that he proved her wrong about giving up the drug game and going clean. She asks Ghost if he meant all the things he said about her and the kids during his speech at their school. Ghost tells her that no matter what he will always be there for her and the kids and protect them.

They both compliment each other and when she tells Ghost “It’s getting late, Raina has a doctor’s appointment in the morning,” he goes in for a surprise kiss and things get really dirty from there on.

The moment we’ve all been praying and wishing for all season finally happens, Tasha and Ghost have SEX! And not just some average, estranged couple sex either, they had that good make up sex where afterwards you forget why y’all broke up in the first place. Did y’all see how passionately Ghost bit his bottom lip?

After sex, Ghost tells Tasha his plan to use Ruiz to take down Milan, and she voices her concerns. Tasha is scared Milan will kill her, Ghost and the kids, but Ghost tells her he has it all worked out. Ghost even tries to ease her mind by suggesting that they go for a round 2 in the bed, but at this point Tasha has come back to reality. She tells Ghost that he should leave and go back to his office before the kids wake up and asking questions, which makes him realize that they are most likely not getting back together, and this was just a one-time booty call. Ghost agrees and leaves. After he leaves, Tasha calls Tommy and fills him in on Ghost’s plan to kill Milan.

5. Things between Angela and Ghost still aren’t good.


Any hope of Angela and Ghost getting back together seems to wither away more each episode. When they get up to discuss the Lobos case, Angela hounds Ghost about who he told Lobos was alive. She tells Ghost that the person he told initiated a search for Lobos’ location in the system, and could be tracked back to them any day now. Ghost tells her the person can’t legally give them up and she instantly knows he is talking about his lawyer Proctor.

Ghost insists that Proctor can argue he was looking up Lobos’ location to keep his client Tommy Egan safe. Angela informs Ghost that Proctor can easily be traced back to her through him and Tommy. She also tells Ghost that the people in her office were the only ones to know Lobos was alive, which is another red flag.

Ghost assures Angela everything’s under control and tells her that Tommy’s mother Kate didn’t squeal when Greg went to visit her, so they’re good. Angela is shocked to hear Greg was at Kate’s house and when Ghost asks can she trust him, she is quick to tell him her relationship with Greg is none of his business. Before angrily storming off, she tells Ghost that she is looking into the burner cell he gave her and hopefully she finds something soon, so that she won’t have to see Ghost ever again. (We all know that’s a lie.)

6. Ghost sets up Andy and Alby by planting drugs in their club.


Kantos goes to work for Andy and Alby after Ghost fired and banned him from his club. In the episode, he stops by Truth to tell Ghost he is working with the competition and wants Simon Stern’s guest list he gave to Ghost back. Ghost agrees to get him the list in a couple days, and after Kantos leaves, he calls Julio and tells him to sell drugs in Andy and Alby’s club.

When Ghost later goes over to the club to hand over the list, the police bust in and find drugs in the club and arrest Andy and Alby. Ghost uses this as an opportunity to win Karen Bassett back and invites her and her father to an exclusive black tie affair at his club. Karen tells Ghost her schedule seems to be open. Ghost also gives Kantos Simon Stern’s guest list he wanted so badly (but probably won’t be needing now with dumb and dumber just getting arrested) and politely let him know to back off or else. Kantos complies, as expected.

7. Tommy tells Milan they need to kill Ghost.


When Ghost returns to Truth at the end of the episode, Tommy is sitting at the bar waiting for him. Tommy tells Ghost to sit down and doesn’t waste any time telling him he stabbed Ruiz to death.

Ghost is shocked to hear the news, but at this point isn’t all that surprised at anything Tommy does these days. He asks Tommy where the body is, but Tommy’s only concern is about Ghost promising him he wouldn’t go after Milan anymore (which Tasha called and told him all about, thanks a lot Tasha).

Ghost tells Tommy he didn’t want to lie to him, but he didn’t think he would see it his way. He tells Tommy that he will never stop going after Milan until he gets out the game, and gives Tommy the option to take him out then and there.

Tommy asks Ghost to help him see how getting rid Milan will benefit them. Ghost tells Tommy that by eliminating Milan, he will get out the game and Tommy will get to run the drug business exactly how he wants. He tells Tommy he just needs some time to take Milan down, an idea which Tommy shuts down and informs him that he will be the one who comes up with the plan to take Milan out. OK, Tommy, go ahead and take charge then, witcha bad self.

After talking with Ghost, Tommy visits Milan and tells him he is one of the Serbians now and that they need to kill Ghost. I’m not exactly sure what Tommy is up to with this one, but with the way Power works, I’m sure this is all part of some twisted plot in which Tommy is going to trick Milan and kill him in the end. I see it coming from a mile away.

8. Greg and Angela search for the leak.


Greg and Angela are still being sneaky and using each other for their own personal reasons. After Ghost tells Angela about Greg going to Kate’s house and asks her if she can trust him, Angela goes by Greg’s place and plays the whole innocent ex-girlfriend role.

Greg also tries to play Angela and admits to stopping by Kate’s, but says he didn’t find anything (even though we clearly saw him find Angela’s card in the trash). He tells Angela that he is done with his pursuit of Ghost and Tommy as the killers. According to Greg, he only wants to work with Angela to clear their names and they are on the same team now (once again we all know that’s complete bullshit). Angela kisses Greg and, more than likely, they had sex again.

Greg later sneaks out the room while Angela isn’t watching and searches through her purse for evidence. He finds the burner phone and right before Angela walks in the room and catches him, he takes a picture of the phone’s sim card and serial number. When Greg is all alone to himself, he calls his friend Bob and has him find the phone number attached to the burner phone, any phone calls made, and the text history.

Meanwhile, Angela is going through the burner phone and notices a text with a flight and the Agency reference number XJMLO mentioned in it. She types the number into the National Flight Database and finds the card number used to make the payment. Angela then calls a friend named Sally and has her look up the cardholder’s name. Sally tells her the card was prepaid and when Angela asks her to find the location the card was purchased, she isn’t able to come up with anything.

Greg, on the other hand, lucks up and Bob calls him back with the number to the burner phone and a complete call log. With this new information, Greg is able to talk Medina into telling him where the burner phone was purchased and at the end of the episode he goes to the location at Bethel Deli & Grocery. There he finds Mike coming out of Hugo’s apartment. Uh-oh.


  • Andre is in wayyyyyy too deep and is reminded by Kanan that at this point, Ghost will kill him if he finds out Tariq has been hanging with the enemy this whole time and he knew all about it.
  • One of the girls from the salon calls Tasha and tells her LaKeisha hasn’t been to work and isn’t answering her phone. Tasha texts her to see if she is okay, but she doesn’t get a text back. I’m seriously starting to think Tommy may have really killed her….SMDH!!!
  • Tommy killed Ruiz right after Greg had just put a state of the art FBI recording device that looks like a button in his jacket to capture audio from his meeting with Milan. If the police find his body, they will get the whole meeting on tape and Tommy talking about his relationship with Ghost. This could be really, really bad news.

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