Last week’s Power ended with Ghost having to choose to pay Milan over Karen, Kanan getting closer to taking Ghost down, and Lobos’ task force being investigated over his transfer being leaked.

This week continues with Milan having Tommy introduce the new pill business, the feds all over Angela and Ghost, and Kanan taking an interest in Tariq.

Here are some things to know about Power Season 3 Episode 8, “Trust Me”:

1. Greg tries to use Ruiz again to get Ghost.


With Lobos no longer alive, Ruiz’s deal he made with the feds has been thrown out the window. He will no longer be granted immunity unless he can help Greg with putting Ghost away.

Greg tries to talk Ruiz into working with him, but after Lobos went missing and was found in the woods, Ruiz ain’t going for it. He tells Greg, “You couldn’t protect Lobos, how you gonna protect me? I’ll be dead in a day, so fuck you and fuck off.” Can’t argue with that logic.

2. Tommy kills Hugo.


Tommy sets up the meeting with Hugo as Ghost requested, and when he gets there, Hugo pulls a gun out on him, only for Ghost to pull a gun on Hugo seconds later (Ghost tends to pop out of the shadows quite a lot these days). They ask Hugo to give them Lobos’ inside contact, however Hugo refuses because he’s not done with the person (Mike) yet.

Ghost acts like he completely understands and orders to Tommy to put Hugo in the car. But when Hugo makes some pretty harsh remarks to Tommy and asks him if cried with Holly when their dog was killed, this sets Tommy off like a firecracker and he shoots Hugo several times. Ghost tries to stop Tommy, however, it’s too late and Hugo is dead. Luckily for Ghost, he finds a cell phone in Hugo’s pocket that traces back to Lobos’ inside guy.

Meanwhile, Mike goes to take Hugo the money he threatened him over to get him out the country, but Hugo never shows up. Mike needs the cell phone Hugo had so he can get rid of any evidence that ties him back to Lobos, but Hugo is dead and Ghost has the phone now. From the look on his face when Hugo is a no-show at their meet up spot, you can tell ya boy is pressed like a new pair of jeans on the first day of high school.

3. Angela pops up on Tasha AGAIN.


Angela is at Tasha’s place so much these days she might as well pay half the rent and move in. Last episode, she popped up on Tasha demanding her to confirm Ghost’s alibi on the night Lobos was killed and got her feelings hurt when Tasha lied and told her she gave Ghost the butt at Karen’s hotel. This episode, she goes to Tasha and asks her about Tommy’s whereabouts. At first, Tasha keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t tell her anything, but ends up giving her the alibi Ghost came up with. She tells Angela that Tommy was with his mother out on Long Island.

4. Milan makes Tommy introduce the pill business.


After having his guys beat the living crap out of Tommy, Milan cleans Tommy up and takes him to this warehouse, where he shows him the new product he will be distributing, which turns out be pills (really Milan? pills?). Milan’s people give Tommy the rundown on how the business will work: they will place false purchase orders from shell medical companies to make things look legit on paper. After that, they’ll open up depots like retail locations where customers can come and get their fix. Tommy quickly informs the men that this process won’t work because pill poppers and street junkies are two different animals, pills sell to high end customers, meaning that they have to be mobile.

Milan asks Tommy what he suggest they do instead. Tommy tells Milan they will use couriers who can blend in and move in high end places without getting spotted. Tommy says the drugs will “show up right at your door like a fucking pizza.” Milan is pleased by this.


Later on in the episode, Milan holds a meeting right inside of Truth without Ghost’s permission. Tommy leads the meeting and introduces the entire network (Ruiz, the leader of the Korean cartel Jae Shin, and father Callahan) to the pills they are being forced to sell. Ruiz and Jae Shin don’t agree with Milan’s new plan and voice their concerns over the matter. Jae Shin also calls Tommy out and tells him he knows that he killed his son, he just can’t prove it. But before Tommy can react to his accusations, one of Milan’s guys stabs Shin in the neck and kills him in front of everyone. After the stabbing, which leaves the rest of the network in total shock, Tommy tells them he is going to teach them how to get the pills on every fucking corner in New York.

5. Angela and Tommy confront each other.


After Tasha told Angela Tommy was with his mother on Long Island on the night Lobos was killed, Angela goes to visit Kate to make sure Tommy’s alibi is straight. When she gets there, she asks Kate all types of questions about what she and Tommy did that day. Kate starts to stumble over Angela’s questions (especially the one about if they got pizza delivered or not) and just when she almost folds under pressure, Tommy comes out of nowhere and attempts to save the day. He tells Angela that he never left the house but to get the pizza and in his best psycho killer voice, tells her to sit down, which she does.

Once Kate walks out the room leaving Angela and Tommy alone, Angela finally confronts Tommy about him and Ghost killing Lobos. She tells Tommy to get his alibi together with his mother or they are all going to be fucked (yes Angela is playing somewhat nice with Tommy because she really doesn’t have a choice). She evens reminds Tommy that she is on the same side as him and Ghost.

Tommy tells Angela that she might not be the inside man, but she told Ghost something and is now scared out of her got damn mind. He also tells her she could have been followed on her way there and was dumb for coming to his mother’s home. Before she leaves, Tommy tells Angela to play it cool before she and Ghost are going to be needing matching his and hers jumpsuits. Nice one, Tommy.

6. Tasha gives LaKeisha hush money.

Power Season 3

Tasha has been doing a pretty decent job of keeping the whole drug business thing a secret from her best friend LaKeisha (except for the time Keisha caught her with a gun). But after Milan stops by the salon to tell her he knows Ghost is trying to come up with a plan to kill him and he better stop immediately, LaKeisha overhears the conversation and after Milan leaves, confronts Tasha about using her shop as a drug front.

Tasha tells Keisha the truth about the drug biz and that she has to stay there to protect her from Milan and keep him thinking she doesn’t know anything. She also offers Keisha a bag of money with almost $500 grand inside. Kesha isn’t pleased at all about the offer and makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with Tasha, but takes the money because it’s not like she has much of a choice at this point anyway.

7. MJ tries to make Angela and Ghost turn on each other.


MJ interrogates both Angela and Ghost and tries her best to make them give each other up. She visits Ghost at Truth and tells him he used Angela to help his drug dealing friend Egan beat a wrap, and that she believes he helped Tommy kill Lobos. MJ offers Ghost immunity in exchange for his to testimony against Angela. Ghost tells MJ he doesn’t have a clue about anything she’s talking about and plays like he’s totally innocent. Before MJ leaves, she asks Ghost, “Did AUSA Valdes give you information about Felipe Lobos?” Ghost responds, “And who is Felipe Lobos again?”

MJ later meets with Angela and plays the same game she played with Ghost. She tells Angela she believes Ghost will confess to her to get back in her panties and tries to convince her to wear a wire. Angela is too smart for this and informs MJ that she doesn’t have any dirt on her. She tells MJ that if she could prove Ghost was guilty, she would serve him on a platter herself. MJ doesn’t buy what Angela is selling and tells her she hope she makes it out alive. Damn.

8. Milan is getting in Tommy’s head.

Power Season 3

After finally seeing potential in Tommy, Milan has upgraded Tommy from Ghost’s sidekick to his new personal do boy. He makes Tommy introduce the entire network to the pill business and even allows him to bring his own ideas to the table, something Ghost hasn’t been doing lately. When Milan has a one-on-one conversation with Tommy later on, he asks what would his life be like if he had no friends and tells him that Ghost isn’t loyal to him.

Milan tells Tommy that Ghost is currently trying to come up a plan to kill him and hasn’t told him anything about it, even though he knows Milan will kill the both of them. Tommy is hurt by the news and goes to Ghost himself to ask him if he is working on a plan against Milan. Ghost denies he’s working on anything, but Tommy knows he is lying. At this point, any trust Tommy has left for Ghost is little-to-none. At the end of the episode, Ghost goes to one of the locations that sells Drina cigarettes and he sees Tommy there with Milan. He calls Tommy, but Tommy ignores his call. Looks like Ghost is losing Tommy.

9. Ghost convinces Ruiz to give Milan to the Feds.


Ghost meets up with Ruiz and talks him into snitching on Milan. Ghost tells Ruiz he knows he was working with the Feds and almost gave them his name after he saved his life. Instead of giving him up, Ghost tells Ruiz to give them Milan, which will be a bigger fish. Ghost promises if he does, he will bow down as the lead distributor, and Ruiz will become the new distributor. Ghost tells Ruiz “you back in the game baby, what an upgrade.”

10. Kanan is getting a little too close to Tariq.


After Andre doesn’t move fast enough to his liking, Kanan pops up on Andre and Tariq in the gym and forces his way on Tariq (Even Andre was like damn bro chill). Later he appears at Tariq’s school and pressures him into getting in the car with him and drinking lean. He takes Tariq to his old hood, where he and Ghost grew up and gives the youngin a history lesson about his pops and how he was a big time d-boy back in the day. When Tariq seems like he doesn’t believe any of this about his father, Kanan offers to show him the proof and takes him to the apartment where he killed the old lady with the “Jesus Saves” pillow last episode.


At the apartment, Kanan tells Tariq a story about Breeze, a drug dealer who pretty much raised him and Ghost in the game. Ghost apparently set Breeze up and killed him a long time ago. As Kanan is telling Tariq all of this, he points a gun to the back of Tariq’s head (I almost shit myself on this part) and is about to shoot him, until Tariq starts to vent about much he hates his dad. This causes Kanan to put the gun away and sit down with Tariq, who he can now bond with over their mutual hatred for Ghost. He asks Tariq if he wants to get back at Ghost, and Tariq agrees. We all know with Kanan this can only end very badly.

11. Ghost gives Angela the leak.


Ghost promised Angela that he would find out who leaked Lobos’ transfer and had him kidnapped/killed, and he stays true to his word. While Angela is checking out the “Mail 2 U” service center, Ghost pops up on her in her car and gives her the phone he found in Hugo’s pocket. The phone will trace back to the inside guy and can help prove Angela’s innocence.

She asks Ghost where he got the phone from, but of course he refuses to give her any answers. Ghost asks Angela about him seeing her with Greg, and she asks him if he had sex with Tasha at Karen’s hotel. It’s evident these two are missing each other like CRAZY.

12. Greg and Angela have sex.


Angela goes to Greg’s apartment and tries to make amends with him to get him off her back. She shows Greg footage of Ghost and his wife Tasha entering Karen’s hotel together and tells him how stupid she is and how right he was. They end up having sex and while they’re doing it, Angela has to awkwardly look at a picture of Ghost that Greg has pinned on a bulletin board across the room. After sex, Angela goes to the bathroom to look at the phone Ghost gave her and Greg lies in the fetal position before getting up and texting Medina, “I think Angela’s working with St. Patrick. I think we can get them both.” Hopefully Angela isn’t dumb enough to think Greg was going to fall for that little booty call. Girl, bye.


  • Tommy gets the order from Milan to take out LaKeisha and goes to the shop after Tasha gives her the bag full of money. If this dude kills her, I’m done with Tommy forever!
  • All that drinking Ghost is doing to get information about the Drina cigarettes so he can take Milan down is going to pay off in the end if Tasha can just keep her mouth closed and stop telling Tommy all the Kool-Aid.
  • Angela was looking dumb as hell for wearing those wires when Ghost gave her the cell phone tracing back to Lobos’ inside guy.

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