The last episode of Power ended with Lobos being killed, Ghost finding out his security guy Dean is actually the Serbian drug lord Milan who he stole a shipment from last season, and Angela taking her breakup with Ghost very badly.

This episode focuses on Ghost having to work to pay back Milan, Kanan getting closer to having Ghost exactly where he wants him, and Lobos’ task force being investigated over his transfer being leaked. Based on Ghost’s current situation, it looks like he is literally losing all of his “power.”

Here are some things to know about Power Season 3 Episode 7, “Don’t Go”:

1. Angela’s sister Paz hates Ghost’s guts more than ever


It’s no secret Paz isn’t a fan of Ghost and has been doubting his relationship with Angela since day one. When she finds out Ghost called things off with Angela, she doesn’t seem surprised at the news and assures Angela she will find somebody much better than Ghost.

Later when Ghost stops by Angela’s apartment to pick up a few things, Paz scolds Ghost for leaving Angela out of the blue and blames him for her not thinking straight the past few days. Paz also threatens to kill Ghost if he ever sees Angela again (i’m sure he’s not too concerned about those threats) and takes his key to Ang’s place.

2. Kanan is keeping a very close eye on Tommy and Ghost

Kanan has been trying his best to keep tabs on Ghost, mainly by bullying Andre around and forcing him to find out what’s going on with Ghost and report back to him. Early on in the episode when Tommy and Ghost get in Milan’s car to talk business, Kanan watches from afar while sipping on some dirty sprite (a.k.a. lean).

He later finds out from Andre about Milan taking over Ghost’s business, and after he kills an old lady (for no apparent reason) and finds an apparently familiar hole in her wall, he tells Andre that he is going to give Ghost a history lesson. Whatever that means…

3. Tommy still has beef with Andre


Tommy and Andre haven’t been on the best of terms ever since Andre pulled a gun on Tommy to defend Ghost in last season’s finale. Andre also took Tommy’s place as Ghost’s sidekick and right hand man, so it makes sense why there’s animosity between these two.

Now that Tommy is back working with Ghost, he wants Andre nowhere near him or their drug operations. He lets Ghost know up front that he won’t be working with that “Tony the Tiger looking motherfucker” and shuts down Andre’s attempt to make amends over the situation that played out last season. Yep, Tommy ain’t feelin’ ya boy.

4. Tariq is long overdue for an old school butt whoopin

Power Season 3

Tariq has really, really lost his damn mind. Bringing the gun to school was enough, but now he is cursing/talking back to Tasha and Ghost (like he ain’t too old to still get that azz whooped). He calls Tasha a “fucking liar” when she tells him she doesn’t hate Ghost and moves her hand out the way like he’s big and bad when she goes to smack the piss out of him. Tasha must be getting too comfortable living that luxurious lifestyle because if they were still at the bottom, Tariq would have definitely gotten that well-deserved beatdown.

Later when Ghost has a father-son talk with Tariq and tells him he has to apologize to his mother, Tariq grows some very huge balls and tells Ghost “so you want me to apologize like I did to your side bitch right.” This causes Ghost to lose every bit of calm in his body, and explode on Tariq. He snatches Tariq up and yells at him, “What the fuck did you just say to me little motherfucker?!” The only other time I’ve ever seen Ghost this mad was when Shawn tried to kill him last season. Tariq definitely didn’t see that one coming. Hell, even Ghost felt bad afterward.

5. The DOJ is investigating Lobos’ task force

The DOJ has launched an investigation to find out who leaked information on Lobos’ transfer and the Lobos’ task force is being drilled like a nail on the wall. Mike is investigated because he has been working the Lobos case longer than any other AUSA agent. Greg was the only one to survive the shooting last episode and has it out for Angela, which makes him questionable.

Angela is connected to James St. Patrick a.k.a. Ghost and is known for breaking the rules to get what she wants, which makes her look like like a suspect. Even Saxe and Donovan get hounded about their connection to the case, but it’s clear that they aren’t thought to be involved. The feds give Mike (who is the actual person they are looking for…SMH) an opportunity to be in the clear if he helps them, so he throws Angela under the bus. Greg also throws Angela under the bus and guarantees investigators she is involved.

6. Tommy is losing all respect for Ghost

Power Season 3 2016

With Holly dead and Milan now running their lives, Tommy doesn’t have much hope or faith in anything, especially Ghost. He thinks Ghost is weak for allowing Milan to take over his business and make him deal in his club. Tommy also disagrees with Ghost’s plan to follow Milan’s orders and pay him by the end of the day.

Tommy tells Ghost that he’s not paying upfront for an untested product and that he doesn’t care what Milan says, Ghost is not his boss and he will handle matters his own way. Tommy also gives Ghost flack for not taking his advice and killing Angela.

7. Kanan puts the pressure on Andre


With Kanan on him like white on rice, Andre has been trying to get any information he can get out of Ghost that could possibly save his life. The only problem is, for most of the episode, Ghost leaves Andre in the dark and doesn’t allow him in on the Milan situation. When Andre isn’t able to bring Kanan any new info, Kanan starts to think he is playing him and snatches him up outside of Truth as he takes the trash out.

Kanan accuses Andre of lying to him about Ghost and Tommy working together. Andre convinces Kanan that Ghost has been keeping secrets from him and has left him out in the cold. Kanan gives Andre one more shot to make things right with him, but doesn’t give him a lot of time.

Andre later goes to Ghost’s office and begs him to let him back in on the street business, and this time Ghost doesn’t refuse. Ghost tells Andre everything about Milan and offers him the street business in return for his help taking down Milan. The first thing Ghost instructs Andre to do is make an anonymous tip about a missing person, who turns out to be Tatiana.

Andre calls Kanan (while he is in the middle of killing an old lady) and tells him about Milan taking over Ghost’s business. Kanan seems like he is satisfied with the news Andre brought him this time.

8. Tasha refuses to give Ghost money to pay Karen

In order to pay Milan, Ghost is going to be short on the cash to land his deal with Karen Bassett. Without a choice, he goes to Tasha and asks her to cosign a loan from the IRA and the kids’ trust fund so he can pay Karen. Ghost assures Tasha he will pay the money back, but she isn’t taking any chances with their children’s future and tells him to get the money from his boo Angela instead, who she says has “all that lawyer money.” Ghost breaks the news to Tasha that he and Angela are no longer together, but even this doesn’t change Tasha’s mind. She’s pretty much over being of any assistance to Ghost and his bullshit.

9. Ghost chooses to pay Milan over Karen

After taking Ghost and Tommy to a warehouse where he tied a chain around the neck of one of his own men, choked him to death, and snapped his neck, Milan demands that Ghost have a cashier’s check made out to his company with the full cost of the product he stole by the end of the day. This leaves Ghost in a conundrum because he also has to pay Karen in order to land the hotel deal.

Later when Ghost meets with Karen and her father, he asks for more time to make the payment to them, however he is rudely informed by Karen’s father that this won’t work. Karen’s father tells Ghost that his stockholders are expecting to “hear certain numbers” on his earning report at the end of the quarter and he can’t deliver without the money Ghost promised to deliver. Karen’s father tells Ghost, “It’s clear you’re in no financial shape to join our group.” Though at this point Karen’s father has given up on Ghost, Karen gives him until the end of the day to get them the money.

Ghost knows that he doesn’t have a choice in this situation and has to miss out on the deal with Karen to pay Milan, who has access to everything — his family, clubs, Angela, etc. After Ghost finds Milan at his home with his wife and kids, he pays him the money he owes him, only to find out Milan still has more orders for him. He wants Ghost to sell drugs for him in his clubs and he isn’t taking no for an answer. Milan also wants Ghost to still try to make the deal with Karen Bassett, even though because of him Ghost wasn’t able to get the contract.

10. Tasha lies to Angela about her and Ghost having sex


Angela is getting way too comfortable with popping up at Tasha’s place. She shows up unexpectedly for the second time and demands that Tasha tell her whether or not she was with Ghost at Karen Bassett’s hotel on the night Lobos was killed. Angela tells Tasha that if she doesn’t tell her the truth she can be charged as an accomplice in a conspiracy to commit murder and could lose her kids and home.

While at first it looks like Tasha is going to fall for Angela’s antics, Tasha doesn’t snitch on Ghost and tells Angela that Ghost was with her the whole night having husband and wife make up sex. Tasha says Ghost was hitting that thang so good that he almost broke her back. “You know how it is,” she says.

Angela is upset to hear the news and asks Tasha how could she take Ghost back after everything that happened. Tasha gladly reminds Angela that she is still Ghost’s wife and the mother of his children, before shoulder bumping her and walking off.

11. Tasha tells Tommy that Holly was pregnant

Tasha still has no clue that Tommy killed Holly and thinks that they broke up over her being pregnant. When Tommy stops by to pick up a check at Tasha’s place, she asks Tommy, “Why did you do that to Holly?” and tells him that Ghost told her “what happened.”

At first it seems like she knows about Holly’s murder and even Tommy looks like he is ready to go kill Ghost for telling his deepest darkest secret, but Tasha clears things up when she mentions Holly being pregnant and Tommy leaving her for this reason. Tommy is shocked to hear the news and, with tears in his eyes, he tries to play it off like he knew about the pregnancy before awkwardly getting in the elevator and leaving.

12. Tommy gets his ass kicked by like 10 dudes


Tommy goes back to the place where Ghost buried Holly’s body and drunk talks with her. Milan’s people find Tommy there and take him back to the warehouse where he has to fight like ten other guys, street fighter style. At first Tommy throws a few punches, but he eventually gives up and lets the men beat the living hell out of him before Milan intervenes.

Tommy, at this point, has no fight in him whatsoever (mentally and physically) and wants to die. He tells Milan to hurry and kill him, but Milan sees something in Tommy. He tells Tommy that he has nothing to lose and this is the best time to be alive.

13. Tommy makes the priest stop selling guns

In addition to demanding Ghost have a cashier’s check by the end of the day to pay back for the drugs he stole, Milan also orders Tommy to kill father Callahan, the dirty priest. Callahan runs guns for the Albanians and Milan sees this as a problem. Tommy tells Milan that killing the priest will be bad for business and refuses to carry out the hit.

Tommy later visits the priest and tells him that he has to stop selling guns. The priest doesn’t want to comply with Tommy’s wishes, but when Tommy puts a gun on him and tells him to let him do this one good thing, he agrees.

14. Kanan kills an old lady with a “Jesus Saves” throw pillow


Kanan has really taken this whole bad guy thing to a whole nother level. It’s bad enough that he killed his son Shawn last season and was about to throw Andre’s young daughter out of a window if he didn’t agree to help him get back at Ghost. But the fact that he kills an old lady for no reason at all is just ridiculous.


Kanan helps the elderly woman in her home, which we find out is where “an old friend” of his used to live. Before they get all the way inside, he pushes the old lady to the ground and smothers her to death with a throw pillow with the phrase “Jesus Saves” sewn into it. Just ruthless…

15. Milan ambushes Ghost at Tasha’s place


After jacking up Tariq and spazzing on him, Ghost goes to Tasha’s place to find Milan is there interacting with his family. Milan also has Tatiana with him and they plan on staying for dinner. Tasha scolds Ghost for not telling her he was having people over for dinner at her house, but little does she know that Ghost had nothing to do with this. Ghost is not only shocked to see Milan intruding into his family life, but he’s also shocked to be seeing Tatiana alive, who he thought was dead after he went to her house to kill her and found blood everywhere.

Milan informs Ghost that he knew that he was looking for Tatiana and put out an anonymous tip. Milan also sits Ghost’s kids at the dinner table as if they are his own and gives a short speech about the importance of family. With everything all happening at once, Ghost just stands there in a trance looking like the Mr. Krabs meme, until Milan instructs him to have dinner with the rest of them.

After dinner, Ghost gives Milan the cashier’s check to pay him back for the drugs he stole. Milan tells Ghost that he made the right decision to pay him instead of Karen and also informs Ghost that he will be selling drugs out of his clubs. When Ghost refuses to follow Milan’s orders, he reminds him that he can take everything and everyone he loves away from him. Before leaving, Milan lights a cigarette right in front of Ghost’s face (SO DISRESPECTFUL!) and Ghost gives him a death stare to die for. Tatiana returns to his side and jokes about how Ghost looks every time he sees her.

As soon as Milan and Tatiana leave, Ghost takes Tasha outside (because there are eyes and everywhere) and tells her about Milan and how dangerous he is. Tasha asks Ghost if Milan is bigger than Kanan, and he informs her that he is on a whole ‘nother level than Kanan. Ghost also tells Tasha that he thinks that he has a way to take Milan down and keep them safe. Could it have something to do with Milan being a cigarette smoker? We all know how much Ghost pays attention to detail.

16. Ghost doesn’t tell Angela the truth about Lobos

Power Season 3

At the end of the episode, Angela visits Ghost at his new place to confront him about Lobos’ murder. She believes Ghost is responsible and tries to get him to confess, but Ghost acts like he has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about. Angela tells Ghost that she could go to jail behind the ordeal and, even worse, could get the death penalty, however he still doesn’t break. This really hurts Angela and she tells Ghost that he never loved her. Ghost tells Angela he will somehow fix the situation, but he doesn’t know anything about Lobos’ transfer being leaked or his murder. Angela tells him to find out who did it and leaves all frustrated.

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