Last week on Power, we were all shocked to find out Holly was strangled to death by Tommy after she hired the Jamaicans to kill Ghost. Ghost’s security guard Dean saved him from the hit Holly put out on him, Angela saved Ghost from going to jail for a long time by convincing Ruiz to not give his name up to the Feds, and Ghost and Tommy finally reunited by the end of the episode and agreed to take Lobos out together.

This week follows up with the aftermath of Holly’s death, Ghost and Tommy keeping their word to kill Lobos, and Ghost surprisingly calling it quits with Angela after he finds out he won’t be getting out of the drug game as easily as he thought.

Here are some things to know about Power, Season 3 Episode 6, “The Right Decision”:

1Tommy misses Holly

Tommy is having a hard time coping with Holly’s death after he aggressively choked her out, ending things between them for good. At the beginning of this episode, Ghosts find Tommy asleep in his car outside his apartment. Ghost convinces him to go upstairs to his room, but Tommy can’t find his keys until Ghost suggests he looks in his pockets (where they are, duh, Tommy).

When Ghost opens the door to Tommy’s apartment for him to go inside, Tommy doesn’t move, but just stands there and stares like he’s in some sort of trance. Obviously, Tommy can’t sleep in his place after going all Marshall Mathers on his girlfriend and killing her. Understandable.

Power Season 3

Later on in the episode, Tommy visits where he and Ghost buried Holly’s body. He takes her the ring he gave her before she died that Ghost returned to him (not sure if he left the ring at the scene or not, WHICH WOULD BE HELLA STUPID, but this definitely shows Tommy really misses Holly).

Ghost also tries to lift Tommy’s spirits telling him he will find another girl and apologizes to Tommy about what happened to Holly, but Tommy doesn’t take any of this seriously. According to Tommy, Holly can’t be replaced. According the rest of the world, Holly SHOULDN’T be replaced.

2Tasha still doesn’t know about what happened to Holly

After Ghost gets Tommy settled in at home (because he has to watch after him like a newborn baby these days), Tasha pops up at the crib and is surprised/suspicious to see Ghost and Tommy together. She tells Tommy that she had been trying to contact “your girl” Holly all morning, but she hasn’t texted her back. Little does she know Holly is no longer with us. **Bows head for a moment of silence** Both Ghost and Tommy tell Tasha the plan to kill Lobos after Tommy makes Ghost realize she can be of help to them.

Ghost later takes Tommy to Tasha’s place so she can watch after him (because, like I said, they have to watch after him like a newborn). She thinks that Tommy and Holly had a big break up over Holly being pregnant and blames herself for pushing Holly to tell Tommy. Ghost is shocked to hear the baby news from Tasha. He doesn’t tell Tasha about Holly and acts like everything she’s saying is true.

Ghost also informs Tasha that Tommy will use his mother Kate as his alibi when they kill Lobos.

3Lobos’ transfer gets ambushed

Tommy meets up with Lobos’ people to plan the ambush to free Lobos. On the day of Lobos’ transfer to Washington, D.C., everything goes as planned and when Mike sends out a text to Lobos’ people, the ambush is executed. Tommy throws out a spike strip in the road and the bus carrying Lobos and Greg crashes. Tommy and another one of Lobos’ men, Raul, pull up behind the van with Lobos inside and shoot all of the officers. Greg is the only one to survive. (Surprise, sur-fucking-prise!)

Tommy also serves as the getaway driver before cutting off Lobos’ ankle monitor and making a clean escape. He takes Lobos and Raul to a different location than was originally instructed, and when Raul tries to call Hugo to tell him this, Ghost does what he does best and shows up out of nowhere, shooting Raul right on the spot. Tommy informs Lobos that he knew about his plan to have him killed after the mission was completed and puts a gun to his head. They take Lobos hostage and lead him to a secluded area where his grave has already been dug.

4Tasha is the real MVP

By now, Ghost has to be the dumbest man in the world if he doesn’t realize the realest person he has in his corner is Tasha. With everything that has happened between them, she still agrees to tag along with Ghost to Karen Bassett’s hotel as an alibi, in case he gets questioned on Lobos’ murder.

While Ghost is out killing Lobos, she turns on the shower to make it look like Ghost is there when Karen stops by the room. She also texts Angela for Ghost throughout the day and sounds exactly like him. Even Ghost is surprised to see how much she sounds like him. Tasha reminds Ghost that she remembers how he use to talk to her. She also signs the separation papers and gives Ghost what he wants so badly, to be able to start fresh with Angela. Now if that ain’t the real MVP, who the fuck is?

5Ghost and Tommy kill Lobos… barely

Ghost and Tommy are back together as a duo, but things are still weird between them. They can’t agree on anything when it comes to killing Lobos and it almost causes their plan to backfire. When Ghost tells Tommy he will spend the night at Karen Bassett’s hotel as an alibi, Tommy doesn’t think this a good idea and believes Angela will find out.

After Ghost and Tommy capture Lobos, Lobos tries to get in their heads by telling them he will have his people kill Angela and Holly (too bad she’s already R.I.P). They take him to an abandoned area where his grave is already dug, and just when Tommy is about to shoot him, a phone starts ringing and it’s coming from Lobos’ jacket. It’s Mike calling to find out Lobos’ location and this causes Ghost and Tommy to almost go into cardiac arrest because they know they can easily be tracked by the Feds.

As the two argue over how they will get rid of Lobos (Ghost wants to do it on sight, while Tommy wants to take Lobos somewhere else, kill him and dump his body in the ocean), the drug lord manages to run away and flees into the woods. It isn’t until night time that they find Lobos when he attacks Ghost from behind and almost seriously hurts him, but Ghost stops Lobos and kills him for good. Tommy disagrees with Ghost killing Lobos, but Ghost tells him it had to be done then and there. They leave Lobos’s body out in the open for the vultures to eat him, which was also Ghost’s idea. Not Tommy’s.

6Tasha finds the separation papers

While Ghost is out killing Lobos, Tasha is at the hotel making it look like she and Ghost are there getting some quality time away from the kids as husband and wife. She calls the hotel lobby for someone to come up to shine Ghost’s shoes and when she goes to get the pair, she finds the separation papers in his bag. Tasha is dumbfounded at the news and when Ghost later returns she angrily confronts him about the matter.

Tasha asks Ghost if he is ready for her to take half of everything. Ghost tries to explain it’s for the best, but at this point Tasha knows this is bull crap and gives Ghost exactly what he wants, the divorce docs signed and ready for him. She also makes Ghost sleep on the couch when he tries to get in bed with her and he has the nerve to throw a small temper tantrum. As if he hasn’t sent her through enough! C’mon Ghost…

7Greg thinks Angela is behind Lobos’ ambush

Greg survives getting shot during the ambush on Lobos and he knows that it was an inside job. He tries to tell Mike this information, but of course he shuts down everything Greg is saying because he is the one who alerted Lobos’ people when and where to do the ambush.

Luckily for Mike, Greg believes Angela is the one behind Lobos being captured and wants her head for it. Saxe tells Greg Angela cried like a baby when they found out he was shot and that he doesn’t believe she had anything to do with what happened. He also advises Greg to use being shot as a way to get close to Angela again, meaning get in her panties and get info out of her.

8Ghost’s security guard “Dean” reveals his true identity

Early on in the episode, Ghost’s security guard Dean threatens to contact the police if Ghost has another situation in which somebody tries to kill him. Ghost informs the guy to stay out of his business and to mind his own. It isn’t until after Ghost kills Lobos and thinks he is FINALLY out of the drug game, that he finds out he has a whole nother problem on his hands when Dean reveals his true identity to him. Turns out, his real name is Milan and he is a Serbian drug lord.

Milan has been working for Ghost all this time in his club just to keep tabs on him. Apparently, Ghost and Tommy intercepted a drug shipment that belonged to him and left it for the police last season. Milan isn’t going to let Ghost off the hook until he fixes the situation and pays him back. He is also the one who left the bloody Loteria card on Ghost’s desk and informs Ghost he knows everything about his life: where he lives, his family and even Angela. Milan tells Ghost to call up Tommy and let him know it’s time to get back to work. He also tells him that he is safe for now.

9Ghost breaks up with Angela

After Milan informed Ghost he will be moving that work again, Ghost tells Tommy the bad news. Tommy isn’t happy to be hearing this and he tells Ghost that he can’t emotionally handle working with another psychopath after dealing with Lobos. He also chews Ghost out for having Milan working right under his nose and not knowing. Ghost assures Tommy that all they have to do is get back to hustling and pay Milan off, however Tommy questions how Ghost will sell drugs and go home to Angela everyday. He also suggests Ghost kill Angela before she puts him in jail or even worse, Milan tortures and kills her. Tommy tells Ghost if he takes Angela out himself, she won’t have to suffer.

Ghost returns home to Angela and she is ecstatic to see him. It doesn’t take long for her to notice something is wrong with him and when he informs her that they won’t be having that fairytale future together flying around the world, Angela realizes things are over with her and Ghost. Ghost uses Tariq trying to run away as an excuse for them to break up and tells Angela that things were never going to work between them anyway. He even tells her he was wrong for separating with Tasha, and sticks to his gun when Angela tries to convince him their love is real. Ghost is colder than a freeze pop to Angela in this scene and just leaves her with a simple “Goodbye, Angie Valdes. Damn bruh!”

Angela cries her eyes out after Ghost leaves. Ghost stands outside Angela’s apartment and cries for like five seconds and then sucks it all up and goes his way.


  • When Tasha said “Excuse me bitch, ain’t you got a job?” because Angela kept texting Ghost (aka her) all day long, I almost died! (LMAO)
  • Poor Tommy feels like he has nothing to live for. Holly is dead, he has no plug or work to move, and no family except for his cokehead, moocher mother, who he’s most likely better off without.
  • Ghost breaking up with Angela was one of the saddest scenes on Power ever. Even Holly’s death couldn’t top that.
  • Ghost and Tommy have to work together to pay Milan off, but could Tommy end up messing things up for the both of them?

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