This week’s episode of Power leaves Jukebox and her crew behind, and focuses on Ghost almost being revealed by Ruiz to the Feds, Holly going through with her hit on Ghost, and Kanan returning to NYC.

Greg’s obsession with putting Ghost away backfires and actually brings Angela and Ghost closer together as a couple. While Holly’s inability to leave things alone finally pushes Tommy so far over the edge, he kills her. Yes, I couldn’t believe it either.


Here are a few things to know about the episode:

1Angela has Ghost’s back.

In the last episode, Angela found out that Greg had been put back on the task force to nail Lobos after locating Ruiz and convincing him to testify against the drug kingpen. Greg’s whole plan is to use Ruiz to identify Ghost as “James St. Patrick,” who he’s had it out for ever since he stole Angela from him and made things official with her.

Even though Angela and Ghost made promises to keep everything out in the open and not hide any secrets from each other, Angela doesn’t share this particular important piece of information with Ghost and it comes back later to bite her in the ass.

When Ghost’s lawyer Proctor is at the federal building, he notices Ruiz meeting with Angela and the other federal prosecutors. Proctor tells Ghost this info and questions Angela’s loyalty to Ghost for not telling him about Ruiz. Ghost is left feeling betrayed by Angela.

By the time Angela decides to tell Ghost about Ruiz and advise him to get a lawyer, he is already on game and lets her know that if she doesn’t take care of the matter, he will. Ghost makes it clear to Angela that he needs her help, but will fix the situation on his own if he has to. And we ALL know what happens when Ghost “fixes” things.

Angela knows what Ghost is capable of and everything that it is at stake if Ruiz reveals his identity. She meets with Ruiz and instructs him to finger Lobos, and no one else. Ruiz doesn’t understand Angela’s motives and the tug-of-war game that she and Greg are playing on him, but Angela manages to garner his attention when she mentions Ghost saving his life.

Ruiz follows Angela’s instructions and doesn’t give Ghost up to the feds, and Angela actually proves to Ghost that his idea to separate from Tasha might not be a bad one after all.

2Ghost comes close to be killed.

At the end of the last episode, Holly hired the Jamaican hitter to take out Ghost. She thinks that Lobos was the one who had Tommy shot outside of the church (which turned out to be the Koreans) and even when Tommy tells her he thinks different, she is still convinced that Lobos will kill the both of them if they don’t kill Ghost and this has to be done immediately.

Without Tommy’s consent, Holly finally sets up a place and time for the hit and things almost go according to plan if it wasn’t for Ghost’s security team. On the way to a basketball game with Tariq, Ghost gets rear-ended by another vehicle and when he gets out to see about the matter, he is confronted by the Jamaicans who are toting big weapons.

Ghost knows that there’s nothing he can do to stop the men and takes a final glance back at Tariq, who is in the car with his headphones on and totally unaware of anything that is currently going on at the moment (OMG!!!). But just when it seems like it’s all over for Ghost, his security[*] comes out of nowhere and saves his life, shooting the Jamaican men in the head and taking them down. Ghost is left in complete shock and leaves the scene without giving Tariq an explanation as to why they won’t be attending the game tonight.

[*]In an earlier scene, Ghost requested his head security guy didn’t have anyone following him in his personal life anymore. Thank goodness, he didn’t comply with Ghost’s wishes.

3Ghost apologizes to Tariq.

Shawn’s death and Ghost’s new relationship with Angela have definitely taken a toll on Tariq, who has been misbehaving in the last couple episodes. When Tasha informs Tariq that he will be spending the day with Ghost, he isn’t very happy about the news and complains about Ghost being a completely different person after getting with Angela.

Ghost overhears Tariq’s conversation with Tasha, and later, after making Tariq shadow Andre and learn the ropes at the club, talks to his son about everything that’s been bothering him. Tariq angrily vents to Ghost about moving out to be with Angela, and for doing everything so fast without explaining anything to him or Raina. Ghost apologizes to Tariq and he accepts before the two hug it out in a very much needed father-son moment.

4Tommy’s mom, Kate, isn’t a fan of Holly but she sure does love some cocaine.

Tommy’s mom, Kate, makes an unexpected visit to his apartment after she doesn’t receive her check from him and the mortgage is passed due. Tommy calls Tasha to come work the issue out with the checks, but until she does, Kate isn’t going anywhere, especially since this is her first time meeting Holly. Also, Tommy has some good coke and Kate needs a little “pick me up,” so she and Tommy do a few bumps together. (Mother-son bonding over lines of cocaine. How beautiful.)


When Tommy introduces her to Holly, she instantly notices Holly is wearing her mother’s ring and scolds Tommy for giving it to her (too bad she pawned the damn thing and Tommy had to buy it back). Kate doesn’t like Holly one bit and warns her son to “get rid of her.” She also reminds Tommy of how loyal Ghost has been to him his whole life and that she considers him to be her son. Sounds pretty clear whose side mama Kate is on when it comes to Holly and Ghost. Team Ghost!

5Kanan is trying to use Andre to get close to Ghost.

Kanan has left D.C. and is back in town looking to take down Ghost. He appears at Andre’s house and after convincing Andre’s girl that he is a friend, watches after his daughter. Dre returns home to find Kanan holding his daughter and pleads with him to let her go and not throw her out the window.

He tells Kanan that he was just with Ghost’s son Tariq and is closer to him that he has ever been. Kanan accepts Dre’s promise to help him get back at Ghost and gives him his daughter back. It looks like Kanan listened to Jukebox after all during the strip club scene last episode.

6Greg’s plans to reveal Ghost fails.

After finding Ruiz in San Diego, Greg sets out to use Ruiz to take down Ghost. He tries to blackmail Ruiz with recordings of him and Tommy, and even tells Ruiz that he will be charged with the murder of criminal informant Nomar Arcielo, if he doesn’t give up Ghost.

At first, Ruiz falls for Greg’s antics, but when Angela reminds him of what all Ghost did for him and denies that he will charged for the murder of Nomar (who was having sex with his 14-year-old daughter), Ruiz refuses to identify Ghost and Greg’s plan fails miserably.

7Tommy kills Holly.

The episode opens with Tommy going crazy over who tried to kill him. He doesn’t believe Lobos was behind the attempted hit because he needs him to keep his money flowing. It isn’t until Julio stops by Tommy’s apartment and informs him that Dylan (the son of the head of Korean cartel) was murked on the same night, outside of the same church that he was shot at, that Tommy realizes Ghost saved his life.

Tommy is excited to tell Holly that Ghost came to his rescue and killed the Koreans, but she is unmoved by the news and reveals a huge bombshell, she put the hit out on Ghost. Tommy is livid over the fact Holly did this behind his back and when he tries to leave to warn Ghost, she tells him it’s too late. At this point, Tommy thinks that Ghost is dead and when Holly accuses him of having a weird relationship with Ghost and not being able to make it on the streets without Ghost, he finally reaches his breaking point and snaps.

Tommy goes into full Incredible Hulk, kill-a-bitch mode and chokes the life out of Holly. She tries to fight back, but Tommy’s strength is uncompromising. When he finally lets Holly’s neck free, she falls to the ground like a lifeless doll and this is when Tommy snaps back to reality and realizes he just killed the love of his life. Tommy is left devastated and in shock. What seemed like the big moment we had all been waiting for turned out to be one of the saddest scenes in Power’s history, but it had to be done.

8Lobos gets a deal.

After Ruiz agreed to finger Lobos, Mike presents Lobos with a deal to snitch on the Jimenez cartel for a reduced sentence. At first Lobos is hesitant, but after Mike explains the details, he takes the offer and sexually harasses Mike for the good work. At least Lobos isn’t going to kill Mike … for now.

9Ghost shows Angela he’s ready to end his marriage to Tasha.

When Angela returns home, Ghost is just sitting there and most likely trying to digest coming close to being killed in front of his son. Angela informs Ghost of the news that she handled the Ruiz situation and that he is safe. Ghost is lost for words and stares at Angela with huge, sad puppy dog eyes.

He shows Angela the separation papers and proves to her that he is ready to officially end his marriage to Tasha. Angela is both excited and nervous about the news. She finally appears to believe that things between her and Ghost might just work in the end.

10Ghost and Tommy are back together again.

Ghost isn’t able to sleep after the night he has had and something tells him to go visit Tommy. He goes to Tommy’s house to find his best friend sitting Indian style looking like he just saw a Ghost (no pun intended) with a blue-faced, lifeless Holly lying right beside him. He looks up to Ghost and desperately asks him for help. (We’ve never seen Tommy like this before.)

Ghost helps Tommy get rid of Holly’s body and the two finally have the conversation we’ve been waiting on them to have all season. Ghost admits to killing Dylan, Tommy tells the truth about Holly putting the hit out on Ghost. The episode ends with both men agreeing to take Lobos down together.


  • Lobos calls Tommy and leaves a message telling him he has a job for him. This could make the perfect setup for Ghost and Tommy to take him out.
  • Andre has some serious thinking to do with Kanan on him like white on rice.
  • I wonder if Tasha is going to tell Tommy that Holly was pregnant with his child.

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