Though some people love to believe they live in a “post-racial society” or dismiss the concerns of people of color because “race is not an issue,” social media is a constant reminder that this is so not the case. Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones has recently been bombarded with racist comments and memes on Twitter and she’s calling out these trolls.

Jones is the only leading character of color in the all-female remake of Ghostbusters. Despite the film being highly anticipated and receiving positive reviews, she has been subjected to pure hate for simply appearing in the movie. Be warned, some of these tweets and images may trigger anger you didn’t even realize you possessed.

The Saturday Night Live! actress did not take the hate being sent her way lightly. She exposed the trolls by posting examples of the racist tweets she been receiving.

There are no words to describe how disgusting and horrible this is. Trolls hide behind keyboards and constantly say the most racist and sexist things for the fun of it and rarely face any consequences for their hate speech. I’m glad Leslie Jones took this moment to call them out. However, they don’t deserve this attention, they actually probably feed on it.

Jones exposing the amount of hate she receives on Twitter also sparked #LoveForLeslieJ. The trending hashtag allowed fans, celebrities, and other black female comics to show support for the actress. Though this support is appreciated, I’m sure it doesn’t erase the hurt and pain trolls have caused her over these past few days and weeks.

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