As the popular app Pokémon Go continues to gain steam and dominate people’s lives, restaurants, zoos, schools and authorities are fighting back against the rampant Pokemon trainers wreaking havoc across the world.

Whether it’s trespassing, robberies, or serious injuries, the latest ‘90s throwback craze is causing issues for users around the globe.

1I wonder if this will be covered in driver’s ed moving forward?

2I’ll take a water, please. And one Squirtle, while you’re at it.

3Police trying to catch ’em all, apparently.

4But there’s a Gastly, literally right there.

5And we wonder why our bosses don’t think we’re professional.

6When you have to explain to your daughter that you’re here for real animals, not digital Pokemon.

7What about an Electabuzz?

8Drive slow, homie. You never know, homie. You might need to pump your breaks and catch a pokemon. Homie.

9Best cover for a drug deal ever.

10My guess is the federal government wants all of the most powerful Pokemon for themselves. The takeover is imminent, folks.

11Despite what you think, this is real. This is the Westboro Baptist Church at its finest.

12Officer, I didn’t see the sign. I was looking at my phone.

13The game really could use a few warnings like these, tbh.

Needless to say, the craze has gotten out of control. Consider yourselves warned, trainers.

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