After what felt like forever and a day, and THEN some, Power, arguably the best damn show on television is BACK with a brand new time slot (Sundays at 9 p.m.) and a brand new set of troubles for everyone.

When we last left Ghost and Co., shit had gotten REALLY real. Kanan killed his own son, Sean, for betraying him and not murdering his Uncle Ghost. Ghost killed off all of his distributors, minus Ruiz, officially “putting an end” to his drug business (at least for now). Tommy didn’t agree with that, and now he and Ghost are no longer “partners.”

Ghost had also tried to kill Kanan, but we all know Kanan isn’t really dead. Kanan is like a cockroach. He isn’t easily killed. The only way you know he’s dead for sure is if his guts are spilling out around him, and even then, you should still double check just to make sure.

Lobos also made it known that he wanted Ghost taken out and he wanted Tommy to do it, or else Tommy, his girlfriend, his dog AND Ghost would all die. Meanwhile, Ghost got his club back from Stern (through Stern’s wife), and the very last scene from Season 2 was Ghost laying in the bed with Angela, who now knows EVERYTHING about his life on the streets.

Now, onto Season 3…

1Angela and Ghost are more official than ever

The episode opens up with Ghost entering Truth nightclub with Angela by his side. This is what we call a “major key alert” because if you rewind back to Season 1, you’ll see the same opening scene from Episode 1, but with Tasha instead of Angela. So now, Ghost (“Jamie”) and Angela are “official” and Tasha is out of the picture. If you don’t know, now you know.

Once they get inside the club, Ghost (still rocking that black eye from his fight with Kanan) and Angela share an intimate moment before Ghost walks off to handle some work. Although Angela supports Ghost, she is still precautious of his lifestyle and is seen strapped and ready with a gun in her purse. This girl is in waaay over her head, and she doesn’t even realize it. Or maybe she does and just doesn’t care.

2Holly is still up to no good

Holly and her no-good ways haven’t changed one bit from last season. Without hesitation in one of the opening scenes, she asks Tommy to go on a run with him, to which he angrily declines. Tommy can’t even accept a phone call without Holly asking a million questions like, “Is that Julio?”

3Tommy is wild and out of control

Tommy is working the streets all by himself and without Ghost’s guidance and leadership, it’s clear that this is a disaster waiting to happen. After getting in the middle of a turf war, Tommy goes around eating like a mad man, meeting up with clients, and promises to deliver the best product in a speedy manner.

One of the most standout moments of the whole episode comes when Tommy throws two men wrapped in bubble wrap off a building and then shoots one of them several times. Tommy shows his face to one of the men, who he spared of gunshots, and tells him to spread the word about who’s now in charge. Tommy’s partner Julio scolds him for being too reckless and asks what will Ghost think about his behavior, which only angers Tommy more. Tommy chokes Julio out in response and checks him for bringing Ghost’s name up.

Julio later goes to Ghost, who no longer wants no part of the drug game, and tells him everything.

4Ghost no longer goes by Ghost

Ghost has taken Kanan’s foot soldier Andre and put him officially under his wing. Ghost quickly schools Andre on the club business and tells him to go by his real name Andre instead of “Dre.” He also tells Andre to call him James from here on out. This episode is titled “Call Me James,” and Ghost wants just that.

5Ghost misses Tommy and vice versa

Even though Ghost and Tommy aren’t on the best of terms, it’s evident that they still have love for each other deep inside. This is easily seen when Ghost steps out of Truth for a second, hallucinates and sees Tommy across the street staring at him.

And later, when Holly says “Fuck Ghost,” Tommy’s all, “Yeah, fuck him,” but with extreme hesitation and a look in his eyes that he really doesn’t feel that way. So, yeah, these guys definitely are missing each other.

6The kids are upset over Sean’s death, especially Tariq

Ghost has been MIA and Tasha hasn’t found the courage to tell the kids how Sean died. Their son Tariq is very upset over the matter (Sean was like a big brother to him) and wants answers.

7Greg wants Angela fired

Angela’s old partner Greg is still pissed off from last season about being suspended for harassment. Greg is adamant he didn’t stalk Angela and he wants her head for screwing Ghost and for helping keep him safe. Greg is warned to leave the situation alone, but do you think he’s going to actually do that? Nope. Not at all.

8Andre wants to be back on the block

Andre quickly gets tired of going clean and asks Ghost to put him back on the streets. Ghost explains to Andre that he would rather him put his money in the bank than in his mattress. Ghost also tells him to think about his daughter. “I said I wanna look clean like you. I never said i wanted to be clean. I want money!” Andre retorts.

9Angela wants a way out, just like Ghost

Angela wants a fresh start and asks for a transfer to a new district, however her request is declined due to the Lobos case not being over yet.

10Ghost finds out who left the bloody La Arana card

Ghost watches security footage at the club and sees the person who put the bloody La Arana card on his desk in his office. The culprit happens to be a woman named Tatiana, who is one of his employees. Ghosts texts someone named Dominique and tells him/her to text him “when Tatiana gets to work tonight.”

11Lobos gets approval for a John Doe case

In court, Lobos’ lawyer asks a judge to drop all of his charges and immediately have him sent back to Mexico. Angela and her legal team fire back and request a John Doe prosecution in the Lobos Case. The judge orders in their favor and Lobos can remain under the radar.

12Ghost tells Tasha the truth about Sean and Kanan

Things between Ghost and Tasha are still awkward. In the first scene we get to see them in since last season, Ghost tells Tasha it’s time to tell the kids about Angela. Tasha confronts Ghost about having to break the news about Sean’s death to the kids alone and questions him about his face being all cut and bruised up. Ghost finally tells Tasha the truth about Sean’s death and that he killed Kanan (or at least that’s what he thinks). He also tells Tasha that Lobos is dead (again, what he thinks) and he is out of the drug game.

13Tommy isn’t cool with Tasha because of Ghost

Tommy’s beef with Ghost doesn’t exclude Tasha and the family. When Tasha sees Tommy out, he tries to ignore her and keep it moving, but she ain’t going for it. The two have a quick conversation, in which Tommy vouches for Ghost about Sean’s murder and Kanan’s (supposed) death. He also makes it clear that he and Ghost are no longer cool. Tasha asks Tommy if he’s mad at Ghost because he’s out of the game, but Tommy doesn’t give her a direct answer and simply says “Goodbye Tasha.”

14Lobos is getting impatient with Mike

When Angela’s boss, Mike, goes to meet with Lobos, the drug lord tries to stab him because his request for a plane to Mexico hasn’t been met. Mike explains what happened in court earlier and that they have to make Lobos look like he’s dead. He also tells Lobos that the only witnesses that can hurt him are Ruiz (who they are looking for) and Ghost. Lobos threatens to have Angela killed, and Mike quickly shuts that idea down and tells Lobos that he has to follow his lead and trust in him.

15Angela is on Lobos’ radar

Lobos requests to meet with Angela and tests her strength when they sit down to discuss his case. He tells Angela that she’s too beautiful to work and her only job should be having “a mouth full of cock.” Angela stands strong and lets Lobos know that she isn’t afraid of him. Lobos tells Angela about how he was stabbed and that he believes the Jimenez were the ones who set him up.

16Someone killed Tatiana before Ghost could

Ghost goes to Tatiana’s apartment to take her out, but he’s stopped by the doorman before he could get inside. The doorman gives Tatiana a ring, however, he doesn’t get an answer and Ghost leaves after taking note of a Newport box in the doorman’s shirt pocket and his break time posted on the wall. Ghost returns when the doorman takes a smoke break and finds out that someone else had already beat him to the job. Tatiana’s blood is all over the wall. She’s dead.

17Lobos wants Ghost dead NOW

Holly tries to get in Tommy’s head and keep him convinced that he’s better off without Ghost. In the middle of them having sex, Lobos calls Tommy and informs him that he is about to send the product to him. Lobos also tells Tommy two other VERY important things: 1.) Everyone must think he’s dead and 2.) Kill Ghost or his family won’t be safe.

18Ghost isn’t coming home to Tasha and the kids anytime soon

Tasha and Ghost eat with the kids as a family and tell them a lie about how Sean was shot in the hood by one of his friends. Tariq doesn’t really accept that story (“Why would his friend kill him?” he questions), but honestly, at his age, he couldn’t handle the truth. If he’s wondering why a “friend” would kill him, imagine how he would react to learning that Sean was killed by Kanan, his own dad and Tariq’s “uncle.”

Meanwhile, Ghost and Tasha’s daughter didn’t really have a relationship with Sean like that so she just takes their story as is. She asks Ghost when he’s coming home to stay instead of just dropping by for dinner, and he explains that won’t be happening anytime soon. Sorry, little girl whose name we don’t know (seriously, what is this child’s name?), daddy’s got another life now.

19Julio informs Ghost about Tommy’s behavior and Lobos being alive

Julio appears at Truth to talk to Ghost about Tommy and Angela takes notice. Julio tells Ghost about Tommy being a nuisance in the streets, and that he didn’t get in the game to work for Tommy. Ghost lets Julio know he is out of the game and that he better do what Tommy says. Julio informs Ghost that Lobos is still alive and working with Tommy. This leaves Ghost in complete shock and bewilderment.

20Ghost has had it with Kantos and no longer needs his services

Ghost publically humiliates and fires Kantos in front of everyone at the club. He tells the rest of his workers, “Loyalty is everything to me. I deserve it and I demand it.”

21Angela and Ghost are being 100% truthful to each other… to an extent

Angela questions Ghost about Julio popping up at the club. Because Angela won’t let the situation go, Ghost tells her the truth about Julio being someone who used to work under him in his drug operation. Ghost explains to Angela Julio didn’t believe he was out the game. Angela believes Ghost, and in return, tells him that Lobos is still alive (which he already knows so she really didn’t do him any favors). She also assures Ghost that he is safe. But yeah, Lobos is DEFINITELY alive and well and impatiently waiting for Tommy to return with Ghost’s head.

22Lobos is serious about his threats to Tommy and his family

Tommy returns home with some pan pizza for Holly to find his dog brutally murdered in the hallway and Holly nowhere in sight. LOBOS KILLED THE DOG, Y’ALL.

23Ghost finally realizes he needs Tommy’s help

In the final scene of the episode, Ghost takes a look at the bloody La Arana card and calls Tommy. “We need to talk now, it’s Ghost,” he says on Tommy’s voicemail. Maybe these two will be reunited soon after-all.

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