A young girl going to prom did not come to play with you hoes. She came to SLAY!

Complete with staging, decoration, dancers and a red carpet, the high school student made quite the entrance when debuting her prom dress and greeting her date. The entire performance was inspired by Beyoncé’s “Formation,” and it also featured a fog machine.

Assuming in front of friends, family and possibly the neighborhood, a male dancer steps out and does choreography from the “Formation” music video.

*Bravo! Bravo! Claps all around*

But wait, another dancer comes out and the two continue the choreography like they’re auditioning to be one of Queen Bey’s backup dancers for the “Formation” Tour. There was also a fog machine.

Finally the “Prom Princess” arrives. And she just stands there, posing. This goes on for almost 30 seconds. Meanwhile, her date probably has no idea what the hell is going on and all he wants to do is get to the damn prom.

The clip is cute in the beginning and will have you bopping along, while inadvertently breaking out a “You better werk!” However, once you realize they are really about to recreate Beyonce’s entire video on somebody’s mama’s front steps, you start to understand how the boyfriend feels.

I can’t blame anyone for stanning for Queen Bey, though. All that really matters is that this beautiful young lady had a memorable Prom 2016 that she will always treasure.

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