After Azealia Banks announced she was going to quit social media for the 40th time earlier this year, I thought we might get a break from the bipolar hip-hop princess’s public rants and meltdowns on social media.

But this bitch could not and will not stay away from the tweets.

For those of us in the blog business, this is a good thing because Azealia’s mental dysfunctional relationship with everyone in the music industry who has a pulse is a great source of gossip and content.

And so the latest round of Azealia Banks vs. the World started on this fine Wednesday (mar 13) with a tweet from Wale in response to another of Azealia’s “woe is me” tweets.

While Wale is telling no lies — everyone is terrified of Azealia’s five shades of crazy — why the hell does he think it’s a good idea to engage with her?

The response, as you’d expect from Azealia, is lethal, but she deleted some of her nastier tweets. Thankfully, Wale quoted some of her verbal diarrhea so here’s a small sample:

But Azealia’s rants and raves against Wale didn’t end with him. Azealia launched a takedown of black men in general and then she tweeted out the list of black men who have been on her side in the past, and then she went in on Kanye West.

Black men on Azealia’s good list include:


Donald Glover:



And Busta Rhymes:

Kanye West, however, is officially and permanently on Azealia’s naughty list. Which is a shame, because her outrageous comments and volatile social media personality show her to be a true disciple of Kanye.

Then, Azealia ruthlessly called Kanye West out as being an in-the-closet gay man:

And she repeated Amber Rose’s Nagasaki-level diss that ethered Kanye on the tweets earlier this year:

Can we please make a sacrifice to the Twitter gods to have Azealia and Kanye actually go at each other live on Twitter in the near future? I’m pretty sure our screens and faces would melt off in the face of such unfiltered vitriol, but it would be glorious, wouldn’t it?

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