Kanye West attacked Wiz Khalifa today in a vicious Twitter rant, in which the former called out the latter for getting “trapped” by a “stripper,” having a first single that was “corny as f**k,” and stealing his “whole s**t from Cudi,” among many other nasty insults.

If you’re sitting there asking yourself “What the hell is going here?” we don’t blame you. Kanye and Wiz’s beef is a fresh one that dates back to literally last night when West changed the title of his album from SWISH to WAVES.



Said switch inspired a response from Wiz Khalifa, who doesn’t agree with West’s title change. “Please don’t take the wave,” Khalifa responded. “Max B is the wavy one. He created the wave. There is no wave without him.”

Complex reported:

He pointed to the work of Max B, who popularized the Wave movement with his melodic, lo-fi rap music throughout the mid-2000s. “That’s the wave. If theres nothing with that sound ITS NOT WAVY,“ wrote the Pittsburgh rapper.

Max B is currently serving a 75-year prison sentence for armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and murder. He maintains his innocence and has continued to release music from prison.

After explaining the wave’s origins, Khalifa then went on to share examples of what’s considered “wavy.”

“Just so you know what true waves are.”

Kanye, however, couldn’t give two flying f**ks what a wave is or what a wave isn’t because he is Kanye and he will wave and/or swish whenever he pleases.

Kanye eventually shouted out Max B with a tweet, but Wiz was still unmoved.



Apparently Wiz telling Kanye to “Hit the kk and become yourself” set ‘Ye off because he spent 30 minutes going in on Wiz, insulting the rapper, his ex-wife/baby mama Amber Rose and his “cool pants,” in between complimenting himself on being the “best that’s ever made music” and the “greatest artist of all time,” of course … because, Kanye.

At one point, Kanye even said he “owns” Wiz’s child because, “You wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me.”

Yes, it got that deep.

Kanye ended his rant with a quick promo tweet shouting out his new album “WAVES” (Remember?) which is due out on February 11th. “Thank you for the extra promotion,” he tweeted, but he should be thanking himself, really.

West has since deleted most of his tweets (i.e. the good ones), but they live on in the screenshots (via Complex) below:



kanye-tweets-2 kanye-tweets-3 kanye-tweets-4 kanye-tweets-5








Oh, and just so you know, “KK” was NOT a diss towards Kim Kardashian. Allow Wiz Khalifa to explain:

Meanwhile, Kanye is happy to know that “KK” means weed, and not Kim Kardashian, because not everything resolves around Kanye and his family.


It’s all about positive energy. And blessings. Positive energy blessings. THE DEVIL CAN’T STOP US.

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