This is probably one of the coolest things you’ll ever see!

Fans recreating elements of Grand Theft Auto V in real life isn’t new. There are countless videos on YouTube of people imitating the multi-dimensional world of violence and fuckery.

But, with the help of a drone, some clever GTA 2 fans decided to recreate aspects of the game’s 2D origins. If it weren’t for the super HD graphics, you’d honestly think this was a clip from the actual game itself.

Via Cinema Blend:

The video starts off with the typical fart (something you could do when pressing the ‘Horn’ button when not in a car) and proceeds to see the character commit grand theft auto, eventually get pursued by the cops, arrested and then thrown out of the cop car.

The main character then takes a car, drives to the location where the mission directed him to save the lady in red, and instead of completing the mission he gets a Kill Frenzy power-up and proceeds to kill everyone in sight before being taken down by the cops.

The video has gained a lot of praise for its authenticity to the gameplay of GTA 2, as well as the drone precision that was used to film the whole thing. Sometimes the whole thing seemed surreal given that it almost looked just like the game.

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