Add Amina Buddafly to Peter Gunz‘ growing list of baby mamas … because “Mrs. Panky” is PREGNANT!

Amina dropped the bombshell literally within the first five to ten minutes of the show’s opening segment, because she felt like she had to get it off her chest. LITERALLY.

I mean, the girl pulled the positive pregnancy test out of her breast and everything (eww?) and threw it in Peter’s lap like, “yeah, nukka … I gotcho azz for real now.” (Sidenote: What is it with these “Love & Hip Hop” cast members walking around with USED pregnancy test sticks?!?)

“I need to say something that is very very important that I say this today. Anyone who watched the season knows I like to pull things out of my bra and slam them on the table.

“We don’t have a table right here but there is something that I would like to give to my husband … Unlike your baby’s mother, I did not take the Plan B.

“I’M PREGNANT … and ain’t nothing fake about that!”



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