The future of Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame‘s rap collective “Brick Squad Monopoly” hangs in the balance as the two rappers continue their months-long beef on Twitter.

This past weekend, tensions within Brick Squad reached a boiling point after Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka and other 1017 Brick Squad rappers went to war with each other on Twitter.

According to an in-depth report from, it all started on Saturday morning (Sep 7) after Gucci tweeted, “Fuck brickquad … I’m sucka free. 1017,” which many interpreted as a reaction to accusations that the rapper paid for the legal team for Young Vito, the man who was accused of killing former Brick Squad rapper Slim Dunkin, but was later acquitted of the murder charges.

Gucci and Waka traded jabs throughout the day, with Waka’s cousin Frenchie (another Brick Squad rapper) and another Waka affiliate, rapper Wooh Da Kid, later joining in on the verbal assault against Guwop.

Amid the shots fired were accusations of stolen money (Frenchie accused Gucci of stealing Money, but Gucci says Debra Antney, who happens to be Waka Flocka’s mom and Frenchie’s aunt, took it), lost street credibility and other things that probably shouldn’t be aired out all over the Internet, but this is what we do in 2013.

But, as Complex noted, the root of the big blow-up appeared to be over the Slim Dunkin thing, yet Gucci denies having anything to do with that. He made sure to tweet the following:

No one on the outside really knows what’s going on with Brick Squad, or whether there even is a Brick Squad at this point, but one thing is for certain. There will be more disses to come, on Twitter and on wax, because this is far from over and this isn’t the first time Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka have dissed each other on Twitter.

Back and March, the two rappers — who used to be really good friends — went back and forth after Gucci tweeted that he was dropping Waka Flocka from the label and offered to sell his rights for $1 million. The two have been dissing each other on social media and in recent interviews ever since.

While the future of Brick Squad seems uncertain, Waka has claimed in the past to own a stake in the label and has said that Gucci doesn’t have the authority or legal rights to “drop” him from anything. “You can’t kick the boss out, its impossible,” he noted in March 2013 interview with MTV’s Rapfix.

Read some of the tweets from their latest Internet squabble (courtesy of Complex) HERE:

And to think … it was all good just a year (or two) ago.

Do you think Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame can ever patch things up at this point?

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