Words cannot begin to express how much I hate people who buy into the idea that the devil and his crew are trying to take over the world one Rihanna-Lady Gaga-Jay Z-Beyoncé video at a time.

Actually … who am I kidding? Yes, words can: I hate y’all. I hate y’all. I hate y’all. I hate y’all. So very, very much.

That said, the latest stupid rumor about the Illuminati stars Amber Rose and her new forehead tattoo. It’s a cross upside down, which to the uninformed, is a sneak diss to Jesus.

From All Hip Hop:

Did Amber Rose just jump headfirst into the Illuminati rumors? She sure did. What do you expect…when you have this on your fo’head!

You can’t have an inverted cross on your head and not expect people to talk about Illuminati or SATAN. This is what “they” are saying. Amber just jumped from Illuminati to Satan worshipper! But she bucked back on Twitter.

Yes, it is to be expected, but it doesn’t make these people any less stupid. Kind of like those who think “X-Mas” is taking the X out of Christmas when in reality, “X” is actually indicating the Greek letter “Chi”, which is short for the Greek, meaning “Christ.”

Google loves you, children, especially when you use it.

As for this latest brand of misinformation, Amber wrote via the Twitter:

Thank the woman for teaching y’all something.

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