Remember back in 2009 how Taylor Swift acted like Kanye West robbed her of her life savings, self-dignity and television virginity? Apparently, it’s not so serious to her anymore and she’s able to laugh about it now.

While most of the television audience at home thought Kanye West’s “I’ma Let You Finish” mic snatch in defense of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video was television gold, Taylor Swift acted like he blindfolded her, drugged her and kidnapped her right kidney.

I mean, this bitch was all kinds of melodramatic and extra about Kanye “stealing her moment.” When Beyonce called Taylor out for a do-over of her acceptance speech, she embraced Bey as if she was a long-suffering Darfur refugee.


I won’t even get into that moronic, heavy-handed song “Innocent” she penned about the whole incident too which she performed at the VMAs the following year. What a baby.

Well, apparently, she’s over it now and stuff cause she made light of the 2009 VMAs moment on a note to her boo thang Ed Sheeran’s jar of jam.

Finally. Taylor Swift got a sense of humor. Better late than never, I guess.

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