As word comes of Britney Spears‘ return to music in September, so do the rumors about her personal life.

Granted, ever since Britney went through the head-shaving, VMA belly sporting, apparent mental breakdown, we don’t really get much out of her or her camp one way or the other. But tabloids have to sell papers so they’re going to make up stuff regardless.

Case in point, the story that Britney is heartbroken and butt hurt over Kevin Federline marrying someone else.

Yes, the guy who got super duper big and continues to live a lot off of Britney’s dime is such a catch that our dear Britney can’t bear to see him with someone else.

I don’t believe this in the least, but whatever, you never know with that girl. Said with love…and fear. For real, Britney bots, don’t curse me out on Twitter the way those X-Tina cult members did.

Here goes the story courtesy of the National Enquirer:

“When Britney was told the news, she screamed uncontrollably,” re­vealed an insider.

“Then she collapsed in tears. The wedding caught her by surprise. She wasn’t invited and she didn’t even get a call from Kevin to let her know he was marrying Victoria.

“Britney had to hear about it from one of K-Fed’s friends after the ceremony was over.

“It was hard for Britney because she’s long suffered from the delusion that she and Kevin would one day get back together and raise their two boys (Sean, 7, and Jayden, 6).”

But Britney’s new romance apparently didn’t soften the blow of Federline’s Aug. 10 marriage, even though the bride and groom first met nearly five years ago and have a 2-year-old daughter, Jordan.

“Even after Jordan was born, Britney held onto her fantasy of rec­onciliation with Kevin,” said the insider. “But the wedding has crushed her, and she’s angry that she definitely won’t be getting Kevin back.”

Britney also finds it hard to ac­cept that the couple is essentially raising her boys.

“Sean and Jayden even call Victoria ‘Mommy,’ and it sets Britney blazing with anger,” said the source. “She’s called them up screaming about it.”

Under conditions of her court-or­dered conservatorship, the troubled singer is allowed to have only part time visitation with her sons and only when a bodyguard or nanny is present.

K-Fed, 35, and Victoria, 30, were married in a private ceremony in the plush Paradise Tower Penthouse of Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel.

Somewhere Shar Jackson is singing about being worried ’bout nothing.

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