Ke$sha is no longer just a pop star who sometimes drinks her own pee. Now she’s a pop star who sometimes drinks her own pee and designed a best-selling penis necklace.

According to Us Weekly, the “Die Young” singer’s line of jewelry, called Ke$ha Rose, is quite popular. The line includes a $20 penis neckace, which is currently sold out.

Darn. And here I was about to order one for my mom since her birthday’s coming up. Looks like she’ll have to wait until Christmas for her penis necklace.

The line was co-created with Charles Albert and also includes penis earrings that will set you back $12-$15, which is a steal if you ask me. And unlike their phallic-shaped necklace counterparts, they’re still available for purchase!

If you want to drop cash on pricier accessories, the line also has a skull bracelet for $210 and a teeth knuckle ring for $225. The pieces are made of Alchemía but have the appearance of real gold.

But, sorry, no penis necklaces for you! At least for now.

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