When I first heard that Spike Lee, a famous Hollywood director who is a millionaire with direct connections to several other millionaires, is turning to Kickstarter to ask regular ass people to fund his movie, I was confused. However, he tried to explain himself in an interview with theGrio. I’m still confused, though.

Spike Lee said:

“I needed to go to Kickstarter to get this film made because this is not necessarily a Hollywood film. It’s more like an independent film.”

But, but, but, but: You’re rich. Why not fund it yourself or turn to private investors like Marlon Wayans?

In any event, Spike had more to say about the movie he’s describing as “the newest hottest Spike Lee Joint”:

“It’s the type of a film that for it best to work, you gotta go in knowing the least amount of information about it as possible. What I will say is that we’re calling it psychological bloody thriller, with naked black people… butt naked. Now who’s made a film like that? My man Tyler made a film like that… and I say that in all love, because me and Tyler are cool.”

Well, that’s great he and Tyler Perry are cool, but I’m saying: Tyler couldn’t give you the money? I thought Kickstarter was more so for creatives with no industry contacts and wealth. Apparently not.

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