Although Kris Jenner says she’s mad that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West aren’t married, could she secretly be the one telling her daughter, “Girl, don’t you get married again unless you know you can keep him?!”

Who knows, but gossips will be gossips.

Let’s all point and laugh at the latest story about KimYe:

“This will be Kim’s third marriage, and Kris doesn’t think the Kardashian brand can handle another divorce,” the family insider said.

“Kris would be happy if Kim and Kanye never married because he doesn’t let her call the shots. Kanye has the perfect out, he can’t marry Kim yet because he is going on world tour later this year,” the insider said. “He loves Kim, but just isn’t sure about marrying into the family … Kim is so close to her mom, and it’s no secret that Kris clashes with Kanye, a lot.”

“Kanye thinks Kris will want a big televised wedding,” another source confirmed. “And he’s really not up for that. He loves Kim but he hates all the scrutiny that comes from being with her. When the photographers follow him, he flips out.”*

I’m not sure I believe Kris Jenner might actually be right about something and is willing to go with that versus an opportunity to sap more attention away from a more deserving celebrity (say, with talent). I would like to think that could happen, but my spidey sense scream otherwise. But you know what? For the sake of playing devil’s advocate, let’s say this is true.

Kim, listen to your mama. You got on everyone’s last damn nerve with that wedding to Kris Humphries and most of us knew he was the wrong stand-in.

I already imagine that your next wedding will be a small affair that only involves relatives, friends, and your favorite members of the paparazzi, but yeah, gon’ ahead and take a minute before that day comes. You don’t want to piss more people off with a third divorce.

As much as you adore and worship Elizabeth Taylor, she made movies people enjoyed. You, however, have a reality show that’s only got so many seasons left. But you know, whatever you do girl, good luck with that. I don’t give that a great a damn either way.

*P.S. Shut up, Kanye. You’re a media whore dating another media whore and you live in Los Angeles. The hell you expect of photographers?

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