Happy meals are supposed to come with prizes, but this might be going a bit too far. A Michigan family was shocked when they discovered a marijuana pipe filled with weed in their 4-year-old’s Burger King kids meal.

Turns out, the pipe belonged to a 23-year-old employee at the restaurant, who stashed the weed-filled pipe inside the box to hide it while he was at work. I’m guessing he was going to either smoke it on his break, or take it home with him when he got off.

But if you think that’s something, this is where the story gets REALLY interesting. According to Gawker:

As the four-year-old’s grandfather walked from the Burger King to the hotel where his family was staying, he noticed a Burger King employee running to a car in the restaurant’s parking lot. The grandfather thought it looked suspicious and told police about it after the pot was found, describing the employee and the two men in the car.

Later, when a police officer was interviewing the suspect, the suspect’s phone rang. The patrolman asked to answer it. When the employee’s two friends said they were across the street and that police were on the scene, the two were surprised to learn they were speaking to an Officer Kotsch, and not their friend. Kotsch soon drove over to the parking lot where the two were parked.

Upon seeing Kotsch’s squad car, the two friends, ages 18 and 20, did what any innocent, not-stoned person would do: they took off, abandoning their car, and sprinted into nearby woods. Officer Kotsch calmly called one of their cellphones, using the number from the Burger King employee’s phone, and told them that if didn’t return to the scene, they would be arrested and their car would be impounded. The two quickly emerged from the woods.

Police said when they searched the car, they found marijuana, hash and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.

After all was said and done, the two friends, aged 18 and 20, along with the 23-year-old Burger King employee who stashed his weed in a kids meal, were arrested and charged with with drug possession.

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