Bobbi Kristina Brown announced that she’s marrying her former play brother and current longtime boyfriend and co-dependent, Nick Gordon. No word on how members of the Houston family feel about Whitney Houston’s daughter tying the knot so young, but the her dad, the Kang of R&B, is none too happy.

When a TMZ photographer caught up with Bobby Brown, he asked, “How excited are you for your daughter — she’s about to get married and stuff?” And in response, Bobby said assertively, “I’M NOT.”

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Bobby made it clear he doesn’t approve … and reveals that Nick never even called him up to ask for her hand in marriage.

The Brown family isn’t exactly the tightest bunch — Bobbi Kristina doesn’t talk to her dad, so why would Nick?

Still let’s recap … the not-official brother didn’t call his quasi step-dad to ask permission to marry his kinda-sister.

Despite the bitterness, Bobby tells TMZ … “I just want her to be happy.”

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