The last time we saw Dexter, he was dealing with a problem the best way he knew how – by killing the person. Except, this kill was unlike any other, it was his boss, Lt. Maria LaGuerta and by his code, an innocent.

LaGuerta was hot on Dexter and his sister Deb’s trails because she suspected that Dexter killed Travis Marshall and Deb helped him cover it up. She was right. She also suspected that Dexter, not her friend James Doaks, was the Bay Harbor Butcher, another fact she was right on.


After breaking into LaGuerta’s house and discovering that she ordered warrants on his and Deb’s phones the night Marshall died, Dexter decides there is nothing else to do, but to kill her.

He sets the crime scene up to look like she got into a gun fight with the man that killed his mother, but right when Dexter is about to kill LaGuerta, Deb walks in and LaGuerta wakes up.

As Deb tries to talk Dexter out of killing her, LaGuerta tells Deb she has to kill Dexter. She ultimately chooses LaGuerta and her and Dexter’s relationship has changed forever.

The Season 8 premiere of Dexter picks up six months after LaGuerta’s death. Batista has taken over LaGuerta’s position, Quinn is sleeping with Dexter’s babysitter Amy, and Captain Matthews has returned to Miami Metro PD.

Life has seemingly returned to normal for Dexter; he is coaching Harrison’s soccer team, he has become more efficient in his killing and he has a couple of lady friends. However, for Deb, her life is spinning out of control and she is not talking to anyone, including Dexter.

Deb has left Miami Metro PD and has become a private investigator. The season starts off with her working a case against Andrew Briggs, a drug dealer and robbery suspect.

As Deb works the case and waits for Briggs to let her know where the jewelry he has stolen is because she will receive an extra commission for the stolen property, she has fallen into Briggs’ lifestyle. She is snorting cocaine, taking a cocktail of prescription pills, drinking heavily and having sex with Briggs.

Dexter is becoming increasingly worried about Deb, as he hasn’t spoken to her in over a month and visits her new boss, who tells him about the case she is working on. Dexter is able to locate Deb and their confrontation is anything but pleasant.

After Dexter quizzes her about Briggs, Deb tells him her life is not his business and that he made her compromise everything good she ever stood for and capped it all off by telling him she shot the wrong person in the trailer. Briggs finds her and asks who Dexter is and Deb simply says he’s “just some loser.”

After learning that Briggs robbed a mob member and the only person that will fence the jewelry is actually a mob hit man, Dexter rushes to the hotel where Deb is staying to tell her she is in danger. After an argument, Briggs comes outside and he and Dexter get into a fight and Dexter ends up stabbing him.

Deb makes him leave and calls in the stabbing, once again covering up for Dexter. When Dexter returns to his car, Harrison is not inside (He had to bring him with him after Amy took off for a date night with Quinn). After what felt like an eternity, Dexter quickly finds Harrison just wandering around the parking lot.

As in each season, Miami Metro PD is introduced to a new serial killer. This season the killer is shooting his victims and is removing the part of their brain that deals with empathy.

Dr. Evelyn Vogel, known as the psychopath whisperer, is brought in to consult on the case, but she takes a special interest in Dexter. In one scene she calls him into her office and asks him why he went into forensics. He tells her his dad steered him away from being a cop, so he went in the forensics direction.

She then begins to ask him questions about the Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter answers her with short, nervous answers and then quickly leaves. Towards the end of the show, Vogel confronts Dexter with an envelope.

Inside the envelope are pictures of drawings from a kid. The pictures depict loneliness, killing, blood and the last picture has Dexter’s name on it.

Dexter quickly runs after Vogel pushing her up against a wall and asks her what she wants, to which she replies that he will not kill her because she doesn’t fit Harry’s code.

Dexter shockingly realizes that she helped his father shape him into the serial killer he is today and she knows exactly who he is.

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