GQ magazine caught a little bit of shade over the shedding of Beyoncé’s thighs on their February 2013 cover. Maybe she caught wind of it because she reportedly made sure another outlet didn’t make the same mistake twice. The Sun claims that Beyoncé “ordered H&M chiefs to ditch photos of her modeling their bikinis — after they shrank her famous curves.”

She insisted that H&M show the thighs her mama and a three-piece spicy dinner with red beans and rice from Popeye’s gave her.

Their insider claims:

“When Beyoncé found out they had edited the way her body really looked, she hit the roof. She’s a true diva and was furious that she had been given such a snubbing. Her people refused to give the pictures the green light so H&M were forced to use the originals.”

Wait, how is, “Why y’all gotta make my thighs all tiny when they’re not that small?” considered “diva” behavior. Oh, wait. She’s a woman. Silly me.

Now I’m not sure how true all of this is, but one thing is for certain: They preserved Bey’s thickness. Bow down, bitches.

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