Ofcom — the British equivalent of the FCC, in that it regulates media — has confirmed to E! News that they have “received complaints, which we are currently assessing but not investigating at the moment” about Jennifer Lopez‘s recent performance on Britain’s Got Talent. J.Lo was there performing her new single, “Live It Up.”

So what were they so mad about? The song sounding like every other one she’s released with Pitbull in the last few years? Or how it just sucks overall?

No, apparently they felt that J.Lo’s performance — namely her skin-tight and revealing outfit — was the issue. You’d think when the song is so awful, the least a viewer can do is appreciate that part of its performance.

The UK’s own Daily Mail deemed the performance as “raunchy” and posted this screenshot of several angry UK TV viewers:

Twitter LIT UP with comments like these from UK viewers (Via: Daily Mail)

The Ofcom spokesperson added in their aforementioned statement that:

“If we consider the potential that the broadcasting code wasn’t abided by, there is potential we would investigate. But it’s too early to speculate.”

I mean, I suppose a woman lying on her back and spreading her legs back and forth might be a bit much for a family orientated show, but whatever. It could’ve been worse, y’all. Jennifer Lopez could’ve sang the track live.

In any event, watch and weigh in below:

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