The world is dying to know whether or not Beyoncé is pregnant again. While momma B has remained tight lipped about the possible pregnancy, reportedly, Jay-Z has denied the rumors.

This past weekend, the Hip Hop mogul emailed Ebro Darden, program director the popular New York radio station Hot 97 denying that he and his wife are expecting their second baby.

“Jay-Z emailed Ebro over the weekend and told him the pregnancy rumor is false,” Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg said on the station’s morning show Monday (May 20).

“That’s crazy, too,” Darden, also known as ‘Old Man Ebro’ said. “I hit him to say ‘Congratulations man, send my love to the fam … Do I gotta buy a gift, what?'”

Jay-Z apparently hit Old Man Ebro back, saying that the rumors about his wife being pregnant were “not true.” He reportedly wrote: “The news is worse than the blogs.”

News hit a frenzy on Friday when E! News claimed that sources close to Jay-Z had “confirmed” the pregnancy. This came after a report earlier in the week that claimed Beyoncé was forced by her doctors to cancel a show in Belgium because of “dehydration” and “exhaustion,” which led everyone to believe Beyoncé was with child.

The following night, after writing a handwritten apology to her fans detailing her first postponement “in my life,” Beyoncé was back on stage, which was directly against her doctor’s orders.

If the reports that she is not pregnant are true, diehard Beyoncé fans are going to be a bit disappointed. Ever since the arrival of music’s little princess, Blue Ivy Carter, fans have wondered when Beyoncé and Jay-Z would give her a sibling. Would it be sooner, or would it be later?

Apparently, right now, we’re looking at “later,” HOWEVER Beyoncé recently spoke out about wanting another child sooner, rather than later.

“I would like more children,” Beyoncé told ABC News during an interview for Good Morning America in London. “I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely love being big sister.”

Meanwhile, someone should probably tell E! News they can stop pushing their “Beyonce is pregnant” story now

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