Mariah Carey has been booing and hissing about Nicki Minaj joining her on the judging table at American Idol since the deal was announced, but she is finally taking it out on who is responsible: Her manager and co-judge, Randy Jackson. Well, her former manager now. Yes, the woman topping Nick Cannon has reportedly made a change in representation.

According to Showbiz 411, Mariah and Randy “decided their schedules were too hectic.” So Carey has signed with Red Light, where former Idol judge Steven Tyler recently signed to. Now, do you really believe that’s the reason?

I can imagine how the convo went:

“It’s not chipped, we’re not cracked. Oh, we’re shattered.

You know I love you, dahling, but this fiasco with Miss Minaj has been too traumatic for me. I have #dembabies now and diva can’t bear to be bothered with a triplet. And since you’re the one who caused this nightmare, I’m afraid we must part.

Yes, you can still play the guitar on my performance in a few weeks. Now, can you bring me something sweet? I feel faint.”
End scene.

On a positive note, Roger Friedman says of Mariah’s forthcoming album, “I am told her album, still unnamed, is just in this vein– lots of great singing, very little singing, no hip hop, all songs with a capital S.”

Meanwhile, the video for Mariah’s new single “Beautiful” featuring Miguel debuts tonight on Idol during the results show.

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