The drama surrounding Mendeecees’ personal life, which included a drug bust and accusations of molestation, finally caught up with Mendeecees on the show.

The trouble that Mendeecees has gotten himself into is never spelled out, (you know Mona be protecting her own) but there’s a lot of hand-wringing and tear-jerking over Mendeecees’ being investigated by the feds.

Here’s the tea: Mendeecees was a drug dealing kingpin, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors allege Mendeecees and his accomplices trafficked more than $2.5 million in drugs between 2005 and August 2012, according to reports.

In the show, while he’s preparing to surrend himself to the feds, Mendeecees alludes to the fact that it’s the drug charges he’s facing and not the molestation case, because he talks about his past coming back to haunt him. This is clearly a reference to his being arrested for drug possession in Maryland in 2001.

But again, none of this is spelled out in the episode. This is probably because viewers might be a lot less sympathetic to Yandy and Mendeecees’ plight if they knew he was being accused of peddling street poison.

Hey, drug dealers have families too, right?

But there’s a TV show that we need to fit into all of this so Yandy has to figure out how to bring this unpleasant reality into this staged faux-documentary show.

So she calls up Kimbella, who is already used to appearing on camera, to “break the news” to her. The two meet up in the studio and Kimbella’s like, “What’s going on, girl? What chu got me down here for?”


And before you can say “Pum kash!” Yandy’s face crumbles and she starts blubbering about how the feds are after Mendeecees and how she’s terrified of losing him. When Kimbella asks why they’re after him, Yandy fakes like she doesn’t know and Kimbella doesn’t press her further.


Oh forget the truth. Let’s get into our messy, sappy feelings!


Mona turns the heat up on the heartbreak by filming Mendeecees with his son Mendeecees Jr. The two wear identical sweaters and Mendeecees awkwardly and painfully tells his son that he loves him and that he might not be home for a while. When the 7 year old asks with genuine concern why he wouldn’t see him for a while, your hearts can’t help but break. Even just a little.


That she-devil Mona is good as hell. She’s not afraid to use the babies to make you cry and this shit works. If Mona can humanize an alleged drug dealer like Mendeecees, she could probably do a lot for DMX’s public image.

After Mendeecees wipes away his tears and hugs his boys one last time, he heads off to court with Yandy. The car ride is filled with dread, but Yandy pledges her undying love for Mendeecees. You know, that ride or die shit.

Then the two watch into the courthouse hand in hand as Mendeecees surrenders himeself to the feds.


Poor Yandy. It looks like she might not ever get her dream wedding and happily ever after now.


Tahiry Closes the Chapter on Her Daddy Issues, Raqi and Joe Budden

Last time when we left Raqi, she was begging Joe Budden for an interview. As part of his condition for agreeing to the interview, he insisted that Raqi make amends with Tahiry.

Welp, unfortunately for Raqi, Tahiry’s not in the forgiving mood.

When Raqi runs up on Tahiry in the club at one of Olivia’s events, Tahiry greets her with a face that says, “Bitch, you tried it.”

Raqi explains that she’s squashed the beef with Joe and that she’s here to make peace with Tahiry. Tahiry, however, knows that Raqi’s half-hearted apology has more to do with her current state of unemployment than a genuine desire to befriend her.

So she tells Raqi to pretty much fuck off.

That’s when Raqi returns the, “Bitch, you tried it” look right back at her.


Joe set her the hell up. He knew that Tahiry was gonna blast her ass from the jump but Raqi’s thirsty ass was desperate enough to do it anyway. Who’s bad?


Speaking of Joe, he’s up to his old tricks again this episode as he keeps searching for ways to insert himself into Tahiry’s life. This time, he’s decided he’s going to accompany her on her homecoming trip to the Dominican Republic. But first, he has to break the news to his “girlfriend” Kaylin.


This dumb bitch stands there with her jaw dropped open as Joe tells her that he’s not only going to DR to be with Tahiry, but also that he doesn’t care whether she approves of his going or not. He confesses to Kaylin that he thinks he might still be in love with Tahiry. But the ultimate sucker punch comes when she tearily asks what happens to her if he gets back with Tahiry. His response: Not his concern right now.

Instead of packing her shit and walking out of the house like any normal woman with a shred of dignity and self-respect would, this mousey ass trick sniffs, wipes her nose and says Ok. Doormat, thy name is Kaylin.


Once we catch up with Tahiry in the Dominican Republic, she’s doing the whole orphanage thing with the brown kids in the DR. She hugs them, says she loves them and stuff and they smile because a whole bunch of gringos are there with free food and fancy technology.


After she wraps things up with the kids, she heads out to a church to meet up with her father. Tahiry’s says she had a tightknit relationship with her dad growing up, but once he was arrested and deported, she lost touch with him. And once she learned about his womanizing ways, she lost respect for him.

As she discusses the heartache her father, Victor, caused in her life, she opens up about her problems with Joe. She bluntly tells her father that her issues with men and Joe, in particular, stem from him. But papi ain’t having it. He tells Tahiry that it’s not about him, it’s about her. She, not he, needs to set herself free.


Daddy might not be shit, but he still knows what’s best for his daughter. Tahiry is appreciative of the words and she tearfully hugs her father.

Later, Joe shows up at Tahiry’s hotel later and he talks about how he was a horrible boyfriend for the millionth time and blah, blah, blah. He’s clearly still sprung and so is she. At some point, they’re gonna hook back up again. It’s just a matter of when at this point.


Rich Dollaz Needs Pussy Control

Rich Dollaz has fallen off the wagon and his messy love triangle is wreaking havoc on his professional and personal life.

Last episode, his bizarre spy vs. spy arrangement with his ex-girlfriend, Tiffany, and his current girlfriend, Erica Mena, was revealed. And now the crazy bitch wants her man back.

So Tiffany calls Rich up to meet at a bar and Tiffany begs, pouts and pleads with Rich to end things with Erica and get back with her. Rich doesn’t really put up much of a fight and reassures Tiffany that Erica is history. That’s when they suck each other’s faces in celebration.


But Tiffany’s not the only one who wants Rich to break things off with Erica. Olivia and his mother stage an intervention for Rich to present him with ultimatums: Either it’s Erica or us.


Rich immediately bends like a weeping willows to the ladies’ demands. He tries to save face and say that he’d actually already decided to cut ties with Erica, but the truth is he was terrified of losing his flop artist Olivia. She might not have been on the Billboard charts in over 5 years, but she’s been there at least once in her lifetime.


The most awkward part of this whole encounter was Rich’s mama repeatedly asking Rich why he sexes Erica Mena. Like, whose mother does that? Rich does his best to avoid saying, “Cause the pussy is sweet, ma,” but his mother really needs to fall back on this one and let Rich’s friends deal with this.

A grown man’s sex life should never be the topic of dinner conversation with his mother.

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