Black women of America, let this serve as a source of inspiration. Not all babymamas remain babymamas forever!

After giving birth to Mendeecees’ son Omere, Yandy was fussing and fighting with Mendeecees about putting a ring on it. Mendeecees, however, was not into it. He was more into that club life and hanging on to the vestiges of his waning bachelorhood.

But after 10 episodes, Yandy finally wore this fool down.

Mendeecees has been trying to get Yandy to move in with him for a while now, but Yandy has hesitated because she fears that without a ring behind their commitment, she’s setting herself up for disaster and disappointment. Smart girl. If only she’d shown such good sense before getting pregnant by Mendeecees.

But something in Mendeecees has finally clicked and he confesses to his rapper Vado that he’s finally ready to pop the question to Yandy. He even gets emotional and stuff about it.

While Mendeecees might have started out acting ratchet, with assaulting Yandy’s cousin and all, he proves to be a class act when he pulls Yandy’s mother aside to ask her for her permission to marry her daughter. Strangely, Yandy’s mama says that she doesn’t really know Mendeecees well. What? Dude been dating your daughter for years and done had a baby by him and you still don’t know who this fool is?

Does Yandy’s mama not know how to take a brotha out to IHOP and shoot the shit? She should’ve spent some quality time with her daughter’s baby daddy a long, long time ago.

However, that’s neither here nor there. After a heartwarming conversation, Yandy’s mother opens up and essentially gives her blessing. Mendeecees is smiling from ear to ear.

For all the tough talk Mendeecees spews, ol’ boy smiles like a Care Bear at the drop of a dime.

Since this is reality TV and Mona Scott-Young is behind the cameras, Mendeecees decides to propose to his babymama in an over-the-top, dramatic fashion. He takes Yandy out to look at a mansion in New Jersey. The house is gorgeous and Yandy has to pinch herself to believe what she’s walking through. But when the two sit down to discuss about whether they’d like to move forward with purchasing the home, Yandy breaks down when Mendeecees talks about how important it is for him to offer a better lifestyle for his kids compared with the one he had growing up.

While snot and tears roll down Yandy’s face, she tells Mendeecees that while she loves the house, she’d hoped to be married before she moved in with a man. Mendeecees plays it off like he’s still not ready to propose and says that marriage will happen for them down the line.

That’s when Mendeecees springs into action. With the help of the real estate agent, Mendeecees distracts Yandy and then has the agent lead her upstairs to the bedroom where he’s laid out rose petals on the floor and candles all around.


When Yandy realizes what’s going on she screams and that’s when Mendeecees pops the question, “Will you marry me?”

“YESSSSSSSSS!” Yandy answers. Her walls come tumbling down just like Beyonce said they would in “Halo.” She’s a mess but she’s an engaged mess. Hallelujah.


You know, think what you want about these two, but if your heart doesn’t melt just a little bit at this beautiful showing of black love and commitment, then you have no soul and you belong in the dirty basement where they’re keeping Mama Jones’ black heart.


Beg Like You Mean It

Two people in this episode are forced to go back to their castmates crawling on their knees: Raqi Thunder and Erica Mena.

After mouthing off and cursing Tahiry, Rashidah, Joe, Jen and Consequence out, Raqi finds that in order to move forward in her career, she’s going to have to rebuild some of those bridges she burned.

Raqi hosts Lore’l (this bitch get in where she fit, don’t she?) and Yandy for lunch or dinner or something at her house, and she opens up to the girls about her me against the world struggle. She breaks down about how fiercely she’s worked to build and protect her reputation. Which makes it even more amazing how a few months on LHHNY managed to undo that in the blink of an eye.

So the girls tell her she needs to talk to Ebro at Hot 97 to see about that radio show she was trying to land with Jen. Unfortunately for Raqi, the words she hears from Ebro’s mouth isn’t what she was hoping for.

When Raqi shows up without Jen, Ebro raises eyebrows about Raqi’s temperament. If she’s clashing with her co-star, Consequence, Joe Budden and Tahiry, she seems like more of a liability than an asset to the station.

“Relationships are everything in radio,” Ebro warns.

That’s when he propositions Raqi with the idea of making up with Joe Budden and interviewing him on her show again. You can see Raqi swallow a lump the size of a coconut in her throat, but she accepts Ebro’s mission and heads off to get in touch with Joe.


When Joe meets up with Raqi in the studio, he knows he has the upper hand. Like the Tom to her Jerry, he plays cat and mouse with Raqi making her squirm and beg for his help. Raqi pretends like the whole interview was her idea, which Joe knows is bullshit. He never offers his participation, but he does say that the first step to his even considering it would only come if Raqi apologizes to Tahiry.

What kind of insane shit is this? Joe is over here negotiating apologies for his ex-girlfriend who mushed his current girlfriend in the face? Jerry Springer ain’t got nothin’ on Joe Budden.

Raqi pouts and complains about Joe’s condition, but what is she gonna do? The bitch is broke and thirsty for a radio show. She has to get this interview or else. So she agrees to “think about it.” Which really means she’s gonna be on all fours begging Tahiry for forgiveness next episode.

Erica Mena, like Raqi, found herself on the outside of the fence this episode after Rich Dollaz cut her out of his inner circle. While she ended the last episode defiant and vowing to strike out on her own, she starts the episode with a meeting with Yandy. Yandy advises Erica to apologize and make amends to Rich because she’ll never find another manager who’ll go to bat for her the way Rich did.

In reality, Yandy just doesn’t want Erica to start asking HER to manage her hot-tempered, feisty self. Yandeezy ain’t slick.

After meeting up with Yandy, Erica then asks Rich’s mom out for lunch. Now Rich’s mama talked about Erica like a dog in previous episodes, so it’s kind of surprising that she even took this dinner invitation from Erica in the first place.

But to her credit, Rich’s moms keeps it real. She tells Mena that she was disrespectful for not signing the contract. Erica then opens up about how “in love” she was with Rich. Rich’s moms raises her eyebrow but encourages the girl to pursue Rich if she really, truly loves him.

Next thing you know, BAM. Erica shows up in a bra, panties and a trenchcoat giggling at Rich’s door. Rich Dollaz knows Erica’s gonna use her pussy to get what she wants but hey, he just can’t say no.


Erica and Rich end up talking about their troubles and their problems and there’s actually a breakthrough: Mena gets that Rich took her song from her because he felt hurt by her. Erica says that she’s ready to move past him giving away her song and rekindle their romance.


Is some good pussy enough to make up for all the damage and distress Erica Mena has brought into Rich’s life? Absolutely not, but there’s absolutely no way Rich is gonna turn down one more bite of Erica Mena’s tasty pupusa.

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