What do you do when you’ve been pussy whipped for weeks and finally come to the realization that the bitch who you dissed the world for really wasn’t shit like everyone said? That’s the predicament that Rich Dollaz finds himself in now that he’s cut all ties with Erica Mena, who was his former protege and boo thang.

After Erica booked a club gig without him, Rich ended things with her for good. So that means Rich has to go back to Olivia to try and make amends and weasel his back into her heart.

But y’all know that Olivia is the frigidest bitch ever. So she doesn’t make it easy for Rich to say he’s sorry. She has to slip in several “I told you so” remarks before moving on.

Once Olivia is satisfied, Rich starts talking about giving her a new record. The one that he previously gave to Ms. Mena who was so excited for the song to “hit radio” that she’d already planned out a music video in her own damn mind.

Yeah, but once Rich has snatched his joint back, he puts Olivia on it and gets contact high from hearing an actual singer on the track.

Erica, however, isn’t done with him yet. While Rich is in the studio with Olivia playing the track back, Erica Mena storms in. Dun, dun, dun!

At first she plays coy and sweet, asking how Rich is doing. Rich isn’t falling for it this time so he asks her to get straight to the point. Olivia asks Rich, “You need a minute?” and after she steps out of the room, Rich and Erica start talking.

Erica immediately whines about how unfair it is for Rich to give her song to Olivia. But Rich reminds Erica that he paid for the track, she refused to sign a contract with him and she booked a club gig without his knowledge. So poof, be gone!

That isn’t enough to calm Hurricane Erica though. She starts reaching back to her street struggles, crying about her baby daddy and shit and wah, wah, wah. “My life was hard so that’s why I’m scared to trust and boo hoo, you took away the thing that meant the most to me.”

Look, if you’ve been watching “Love & Hip Hop” at all this season, then you know the deal with Mena by now. She huffs and puffs and blows the house down.

The finale comes when Rich refuses to budge on giving Erica the track and she storms out “thanking” him for teaching her that she shouldn’t trust anyone in life ever again. She vows to go through life “numb” now.

LOL Bitch, please. The only thing numb is her coochie walls from all the pounding they take after those sketchy club events.

Consequence Has a Light Skinned Problem

Why is it that the ugliest, goofiest looking motherfucker on LHH is the one that’s most obsessed about looks and appearances?

Lore’l wins a 5th life as she gets roped into a storyline with Consequence. He claims that he spotted Lore’l on the Internet doing her thang and asked her to join him in the studio.

Right. Nothing to do with the fact that they’re both contractually obligated to be on this reality show. That absolutely had nothing to do with it.

Consequence acts like he has a string of hits that people have actually cared about in the past two years. He argues that controversy sells, so he’s totally unbothered by his line in their collaboration that references “light skin” being the “right skin.”

Lore’l, being a smart woman of color, knows trouble when she smells it and she pushes back on the line’s inclusion in the song. But the more Lore’l presses Cons, the more he supports the troubling line.

Gee, is it any wonder now why Jenn the Pen feels like an entitled white bitch?

Because Raqi needs something to do after her morning shift at McDonald’s, the producers shoe horn her bitter ass into this subplot so Lore’l turns to Raqi for “advice” on how to deal with this. Unsurprisingly, Raqi’s not very insightful but she does reinforce Lore’l’s gut instinct that this Consequence collabo might be more trouble than it’s worth.

To his credit, Consequence doesn’t flip over any tables as he accepts Lore’l’s decision. That’s more Kanye’s speed anyway.

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