Poor Donald Trump… He never even saw it coming.

While Tyler the Creator was at Jimmy Fallon’s studios taping a performance, he and his Odd Future cohort Taco ran into everyone’s favorite hair-plug wearing, Obama-birth-certificate-denying, right-wing multimillionaire.

Being the prankster that he is, Tyler snuck behind Donald and lifted up his shirt while tweaking his nipples with his tongue out. In the words of the late Anna Nicole Smith: You like my baw-dy?

Meanwhile, Donald smiled like a goofball with Taco, who acted as a decoy to lure Donald into the epic photobomb.

Tyler shared the shot with his followers on Instagram, calling him a “musty ass.”

And of course Donald, being Donald, didn’t stay quiet once he got wind of the stunt.

He should’ve known it was a prank. The only black people who get excited to meet Donald Trump these days are the washed up celebrities who rely on him for a paycheck through his “Celebrity Apprentice” show.

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