The Beyhive was in full anticipation for the premiere of Beyonce‘s “Life Is But A Dream” documentary, and Queen B did not disappoint!

In the documentary, we got to see inside a life that is perhaps the most ubiquitous celebrity life, but one we don’t know much about. Beyonce opened up about the rocky relationship with her dad, her marriage to Jay-Z, her pregnancy and motherhood, and fans even got a look at Blue Ivy.

There were many different highlights in the documentary and we have gathered a few of our favorites:

Everyday Beyonce

Most people only get to see the superstar side of Beyonce, but in “Life is but a Dream,” Beyonce shows off her vulnerable side. She talks candidly about having the same fears and insecurities and going through the same heartbreak and pain that everyone else does.

While we may see Beyonce as a superstar diva, there is a side of normalcy to her where she focuses on her family and worries about her career just like many of us do.

She talks about her dream marriage to Jay-Z, her difficult relationship with her father and the heartbreak of a miscarriage. She takes us on a journey with her that most of us have never been on.

Superstar Beyonce

Beyonce fans know that Queen B is a force to be reckoned with, but for the first time we got to see all the hard work that goes into being Beyonce the superstar.

We saw her work through her pregnancy and morning sickness and overcome every complication that comes with a live show. We saw her in the car on her way home at night, pop open her laptop and belt out “Listen” for a practice run, all while keeping her personal life the number one area of focus.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z are known for being notoriously private. Sure, we know they they are married and that they have a daughter, but we really don’t see the inner workings of their relationship.

In “Life is but a Dream,” Beyonce gives us a glimpse into their relationship and how they have made it work in what has been forever in Hollywood time.

The couple have been together since Beyonce, who is now 31, was 20 and as she explained to Oprah, they spent a year-and-a-half as just friends before they went on any dates.

In the film fans see the superstar couple on vacation together, romantically and goofingly staring into each others eyes and singing Coldplay’s “Yellow” to each other, and Beyonce giving a heartfelt speech at Jay-Z’s birthday in 2006. Beyonce also doesn’t miss any chances to gush about her hubby.

Beyonce’s Pregnancy and Life as a Mother

Beyonce’s road to motherhood wasn’t easy, as she spoke candidly about tragically having a miscarriage before conceiving Blue Ivy.

However, in “Life is but a Dream,” Beyonce relishes in her new role as a mom. Fans get to see Beyonce’s pregnancy through the stages as she shows off her bare baby bump, including a nude shot of her nine months pregnant. The candid shots dispel any rumors of a surrogate, which Queen B also talks about.

We even get to see Blue Ivy’s sonogram and hear Beyonce talk about the first time Blue kicked. Motherhood is Beyonce’s best role yet!

Blue Ivy Carter

Perhaps one of the most anticipated cameos of the night was none other than 13-month-old Blue Ivy Carter. The public has not seen a clear shot of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s little girl since a month after she was born.

In the documentary, Blue made her appearance towards the end for a quick close up. Beyonce then closed the film out with a video of her family sitting around her and Jay-Z’s home looking at family photos, while she cradled Blue.

In the end, Beyonce was makeup free, surrounded by her family, perhaps just the way she wants to be.

Watch the full 90-minute documentary below:

[Video: MWP]

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