The fight between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown that went down in L.A. recently has shaken up the R&B world. Seriously, the beef between these two reached ’90s East Coast/West Coast hip-hop beef levels.

The repercussions of the blowout have forced Chris Brown to remove himself from social media completely, while Frank has decided to side with peace and drop all charges against Chris.

While various reports have circulated on the blogs and in the gossip media, Odd Future associate Michael Uzowuru offered a detailed, blow-by-blow account of what went down that night when Frank and Chris’ tension boiled over into a fistfight on Formspring.

Uzowuru’s testimony pieces together many of the reports that have been circulating and fills in the gaps.

For starters, it sounds like Frank got his licks in. He says Frank (who he refers to as Lonny, his previous stage name) made Chris’ nose bleed.

Frank holding his own with Chris disproves the notion that gay men are inherently weak and effeminate. So people who think Frank’s coming out means he’s a pussy better think twice.

The story is long, so here are a few key excerpts.

It Started with the Parking Lot

So we pull up to westlake, and as I’m pulling up to the spot that says “Frank” I see an orange lambo parked there. There’s tons of open spots all around, so I park in the spot next to it. We all get out, I forgot I had my jacket in the back… so I go back and get it. We all walk into the lobby, Lonny tells the people at the front some one’s parked in his spot. Tells them to tell whoevers car that is to move it.

The runners all scramble to fix this “problem” we wait for like 5 minutes, so Lonny asks who’s car is that. The dude at the front desk says it’s Chris’, we respond “Chris Brown?” the dude says yeah. So we sit and wait, after like 10 minutes… Chris comes out. He has a big dude with dreads on his left and a skinnier dude on the right.

He sees Lonny says, ‘Whattup cuh?” Lonny replies, “You parked in my spot, move.” Chris gets close enough to shake Lonny’s hand, Lonny tells him move his car. Big dude turns around and says “Is there a problem,cuh?” Socks Chito in his face. Then instantly Chris and the other dude grab Lonny and try to jump him.

Chris Attacks, but Frank Holds His Ground

Chris and this other dude are trying to beat Lonny up while the big dude is fighting Chito off to the side. Looking back, idk why the dude hit Chito. No one had their hands up, I remember distinctively Lonny’s hands being down towards his crotch, and Chito just standing there. Real defenseless.

If you’re in fighting mode, your hands are up and so are your guards. At one point Lonny’s tackled into this big fake candle display, laced with glass on the inside. Hence where his finger being cut. He gets up, and is fighting both of them off. At another point he’s corned into… well a corner, and as the skinny dude is trying to pin Lonny up against the wall while Chris is trying to beat the living shit out of Lonny. He’s elbowing the other dude in the face, and socking Chris in his face defending himself.

I think one thing they didn’t know about Lonny was that he’s an extremely great fighter. Which is a result of the failed jumping and busting of Chris’ nose. Anyways, everything gets hazy at this point. I just remember screaming tell everyone to stop, and everyone actually stopping. I grab lonny trying to keep the fight from going any further. The big dude starts talking about how if we want to “bust” we can “bust.

Uzowuru admits he was essentially stunned and terrified by the violent incident but he concludes that Chris has deep, harrowing demons that he needs to sort through.

I wish nothing but the best for Chris Brown and his friend. More than anything I saw a young man, who’s very misguided and has a lot of blackness and anger in his soul. And I think more than anyone, he has lost the most with a heavy heart like that. idk what type of demons Chris is facing, but I hope he clears them all and finds a new life rooted in love and light.

Amen. This is pretty much what anyone who’s observed Chris’ numerous meltdowns over the years has concluded. Chris needs help. Badly.

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