Nicki Minaj has been routinely criticized by some in hip-hop for her pop tracks like “Starships” and “Super Bass.” But Nicki is putting the pop princess crown to the side and reclaiming her rap throne with the re-release of her sophomore album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded the Re-Up.”

Snippets from the release’s seven new tracks reveal hard beats and even harder rhymes from Nicki the Ninja. “High School” sounds like a banger, and in true Lil’ Kim fashion, Nicki’s boasting about her sex game.

“Bitches this pretty, that’s seldom / This box better than the box he was held in…I never fuck with beginners, I let ’em play with my pussy / Then lick it off with his fingers,” Nicki spits.

And if you were holding out hope that Nicki would return to the lighter side of pop music after “The Re-Up,” fuhget about it. Nicki told fans on Twitter that she was done with doing pop songs … for good.

Listen to snippets from Nicki’s new songs from “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded the Re-Up” below:

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