If they’re giving out awards for people having the worst year ever, then Tameka Foster-Raymond has to be one of the leading contenders.

After losing her son Kile in a tragic boating accident and then losing primary custody of her two young boys to their father Usher, followed by a lawsuit from her landlord, Tameka just can’t seem to catch a break.

Unfortunately, Tameka will have to add one more notch to her loss column, because her bid for a new custody trial was completely dismissed.

SandraRose.com reports on the latest:

Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane denied Tameka Raymond’s request for a new trial Tuesday. Tameka Raymond’s attorneys filed a motion for recusal in September. The motion prompted a federal investigation into corruption in the contentious child custody case between Tameka and her ex-husband Usher Raymond. Tameka Raymond’s attorneys allege a special relationship between Usher’s attorney John Mayoue and the judge.

Tameka took to Twitter to vent her frustrations a little.

Damn, Meek-Meek. Maybe it’s time to just sit for a lil’ bit cause there’s some serious negative energy wreaking havoc in your life.