The walking trainwreck formerly known as Nadya Suleman has checked herself into a rehab facility in California to deal with a number of psychological issues, including anxiety, stress and exhaustion.

Reps for Suleman, better known to the world as the “Octomom” — who was photographed drunkenly flashing her boobs and breastfeeding baby dolls at a drag show just a few weeks ago — say that the 37-year-old is now a patient at Chapman House Drug Rehab center in Southern California due to a dependence on the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, which she has been taking, as prescribed by her doctor, to deal with stress and anxiety.

Octomom pictured here leaving for rehab on October 30th 2012

Octomom’s reps told TMZ:

“Nadya wanted to get off the Xanax she was prescribed by her doctor and learn to deal with her stress, exhaustion and anxiety with professional help with a team of doctors. Nadya wanted to deal with her issues and make sure she is the best mother she can be.”

Octomom is expected to be in treatment for at least a month, and despite her ability to pay for her treatment by herself — thanks to the dough she’s raking in from her newfound “porn career” — the rehab facility is reportedly picking up the tab for her.

As for her 14 children … they were reportedly left in the care of three nannies and two friends.

The only thing truly surprising about all of this is that Octomom is headed to rehab and not some mental institution, which is where she actually belongs. Have you heard that maniacal laugh of hers? It’s pretty scary.

Besides, it’s hard to applaud Octomom for “realizing she has a problem” and checking herself into rehab when you remember that this is a woman who is simply famous for having an obscene number of children and being an overall hot mess of a person.

The only people we feel sorry for right now are those poor kids, who asked for none of this.

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