The 2012 presidential election is making tensions rise between many neighbors, co-workers and friends, but there’s one Republican who’s ready to embrace Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Scott Van Duzer of Fort Pierce, Fla., is a registered Republican. But he voted for President Obama in 2008 and plans to vote for him again in 2012.

While Republicans might consider him a turncoat, President Obama heralds Van Duzer — owner of NYC restaurant Big Apple Pizza — as a hero for his work promoting blood donations.

So he decided to pay Van Duzer a visit at his pizza parlor in Fort Pierce and upon his arrival, Van Duzer gripped the president of the United States of America in a bear hug.

But who is this guy, Zangief?

Needless to say, the Secret Service were a little nervous about Van Duzer’s manhandling of the president, but Van Duzer apparently got permission from the Secret Service before doing so.

Now, how does that work? Do you just roll up on the SS and say, “Yo, can I lay hands on the president?”

The New York Times has more details:

The president’s Secret Service agents looked a bit perturbed, but Mr. Van Duzer said that he got permission first. Speaking to reporters after, he said an agent “said I was alright as long as I didn’t take him away.”

No, the Secret Service doesn’t like it when people take the president away.

Now watch Mitt Romney run off to the nearest Popeye’s so he can get a photo op with a black restaurant owner.


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