Sasha and Malia Obama are two very fortunate, and extraordinary girls … which is not a total surprise, since they are the progeny of the very accomplished First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama.

On Thursday night in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the Democratic National Convention, Sasha and Malia got to witness their father, President Barack Obama, accept the Democratic nomination for president for a second time.

Four years ago, in Denver, Colorado, the two girls witnessed history as their father won the Democratic primaries and became the party’s first black presidential candidate.

While President Obama has been busy working day and night to save the U.S. economy, secure its borders, liberate the people of Libya, pass the healthcare reform bill and kill Osama Bin Laden, he’s also been a devoted and attentive father.

After his wife, Michelle, introduced him as he walked on stage to accept the party’s nomination, President Obama took a moment to acknowledge his daughters, telling Sasha and Malia how proud he was of both of them. But he couldn’t turn his Daddy mode off as he warned the girls that they’d still have to go to school in the morning though.

“Malia and Sasha, we are so proud of you, and yes, you have to go to school in the morning,” President Obama deadpanned.

But as the two elegant young women in the audience laughed at their daddy’s joke, it was hard not to notice how much they’d grown since his first run in 2008.

Here’s a quick snapshot comparison of Sasha and Malia Obama from then and now:

Back in 2008, Malia and Sasha were 10 and 7 years old. Today, in 2012, the girls are 14 and 11, respectively. By the time their father leaves the Oval Office, they’ll be 18 and 15.

Which means we have a lot of time to admire the girls as they grow and blossom through puberty into womanhood. Thankfully, they’ll have the love and support of their father, President Obama, along the way.

Do you feel old yet?

2008 seems like yesterday, but look at how much the girls have already grown.

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