With friends like these, who needs enemies?!

A video clip posted to WorldStarHipHop.com shows a young white guy excitedly telling the camera that he’s about to light his friend — who lies asleep in his room blissfully unaware of the arson plot — on fire. Amazingly, everyone around him seems to think that this will be absolutely HILARIOUS.

So off they run to the young man’s room, where the fire fiend sprays his friend with some kind of flammable spray and then proceeds to light the poor guy on fire. MTV’s Jackass has been off the air for years, but it seems like the insane prank pulling that the show inspired still lives on strong.

Watch the guys light their friend on fire, below

So yeah, after watching that, we can firmly conclude that there are two insane people in that video. First, is the numbskull who thinks lighting people on fire is a totally legit afterschool hobby. The other nutjob is the idiot who HUGS IT OUT with the guy who actually lit his bed on fire, and then flipped the mattress over while he burned.

Speaking of which, did any of you eagle eyes catch the piss stains on the mattress when the guy flipped his friend over? (See below)


Does this guy need Depends? Why are you pissing in your bed well into adulthood, sir?

This video provokes so many questions, but provides so few answers.

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