If somebody told you that the photo above was of Bow Wow cuddling in bed with another man, would you believe it?

In a digital world where photographic evidence is tantamount to solid gold, digital tricks like this can have a real damaging impact on celebrities and brands.

Bow Wow, the rapper formerly known as “Lil’ Bow Wow,” was on the receiving end of a manufactured controversy because of this picture, which appeared to be of him snuggling with another fella.

But it turns out that there actually wasn’t any Photoshop trickery afoot. Just a case of mistaken identity.

It all started when Bow Wow’s Twitter was hacked. The hacker who took over his account sent out a tweet with the picture above.

People began to wonder if Bow Wow really was coming out of the closet or if Photoshop had somehow worked its magic.

Straight from the A got it all sorted out though. The other man in the photo, PrestonE, reached out to the blog to clarify that the man in the photo was not in fact Bow Wow, but his boyfriend.

I posted the picture around Christmas of last year via twitter. It’s of myself and my boyfriend. Around that time some people made a fake twitter using the picture I believe it’s @mymanp.

As to how the I am 7 guy or whatever his twitter name is found it–I have no clue. But to be honest the picture has absolutely nothing to do with bow wow. If you go on my twitter and look at the images posted section you’ll be able to see when the picture was actually posted up.

So there you have it. Bow Wow may or may not be gay, but these pics aren’t him and they aren’t proof of him coming out of the closet.

Bow Wow haters, you’ll just have to content yourselves with the ambiguously gay pictures of him and Omarion.

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